Travel: Eight Reasons To Visit Ireland

Ireland attracts over 10 million tourists a year, and for good reason. Ireland has a lot to offer for all kinds of holidays, whether you want a party weekend away with friends, or a relaxed countryside holiday with the family. Here are the top reasons to visit Ireland on your next trip away.

  1. Castles.
    Ireland is home to some beautiful castles, in several styles. If you like a bit of history, visit Cahir, Kilkenny or Dunguaire Castle. Blarney Castle is the most visited castle in Ireland. Blarney Castle, in County Cork, is home to the famous Blarney Stone. If you lean out of one of the castle towers, and kiss the stone, legend has it that you will receive the gift of eternal eloquence. 
  2. Road trips.
    Ireland is a small island, making it ideal for a road trip. Renting a car in Ireland would be a fun way to drive around and see lots of different places, all in one trip. 
  3. Guinness.
    You can’t visit Ireland without drinking some of the country’s most famous exports. Learn about the drink at the St James Gate Brewery or The Guinness Storehouse. The Guinness Storehouse brews more than 3 million pints daily, and gives visitors a behind the scenes look into how Guinness is made. Of course, you can sample some of it too. 
  4. Adventures.
    There’s a lot to see and plenty to try in Ireland for thrill seekers. Walk through the amazing countryside, or try out something with a bit more adrenalin. You can go surfing, sea kayaking, paragliding, rock climbing, caving or mountain biking. Having a new adventure is an amazing thing to do on holiday. 
  5. History.
    Ireland is a great place to visit for history buffs. There are lots of different interesting places to visit. For example, you could check out Brú na Bóinne, a Neolithic henge that is older than both Stonehenge and the Giza Pyramids. There are several large passage tombs to see here too, including a tomb popular with tourists to celebrate the winter solstice. 
  6. Festivals.
    The Irish are known for their party spirit, and there are lots of festivals held throughout Ireland. Visit St Patrick’s Day Festivals, the Cork Sailing Festival or the Galway Arts Festival, depending on what kind of party you want to join. Ireland has festivals celebrating music, food, literature, comedy and celtic culture. St Patrick’s Day is one of the most popular festivals, with parades, costumes, street theatre and an amazing atmosphere. 
  7. Pub culture.
    There’s no better way to experience the famous Irish hospitality than to visit a pub. Ireland’s pubs have a great reputation for good stouts and lagers, and friendly patrons. Find a pub with live music, and traditional pub grub like pies. 
  8. Folklore.
    Ireland is famous for its myths and legends. Learn about fairies and leprechauns, and visit famous folklore sites like the Giant’s Causeway. According to legend, this large stones were laid by a giant so he could walk to Scotland and keep his feet dry. 

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