Top six essentials for lightweight travel

One of the best things about my work is that I have to travel frequently. I might be visiting one of our manufacturing partners, going to exhibitions and shows or photographic locations for our campaigns.

How to cut down on your household waste

Household waste is becoming more of an issue for homeowners across the nation. As budgets get tighter and the country becomes more conscious of limiting the amount of waste we send to landfill, many people are looking for practical ways to cut down on our weekly rubbish pile.

Taking Your Habits To A Festival

Festivals have been gaining a huge amount of popularity over the last few years, with loads of people across the world engaging in this sort of activity.

DVD Review: ‘That’ll Be The Day’ (1973) & ‘Stardust’ (1974)

The approach to the making of a music film is as broad as the spectrum of music itself. There’s many a time that you don’t have to even be a fan of the band/subject to be richly rewarded with a viewing, be it a documentary, biopic or fictional drama, the well recorded excesses of the music world have enough notes, tastes and remixes to appease pretty much everyone.

Autumn in Paris: 2019

Autumn is a magical time to visit Paris. As the leaves turn to brown and the crowds recede, the sun breaks the crisp cold air and as long as you’ve brought a sweater along there are plenty of cool things to see and do.

How Gaming Experiences Can Rival Excellent Cinema

Roger Ebert, famous film critic, notoriously and controversially upheld that video games could never be art, because their interactive experience denoted options that would be surface-level, never quite cutting to the core of a real interactive statemen.