Weddings and Funerals: Dressing right for the occasion

Weddings and funerals can both be emotional events, both happy and sad feelings. Ensuring you dress appropriately for the occasion is vital to avoid upsetting anyone and potentially ostracising yourself from your family or friendship group.


The run up to a wedding can be incredibly stressful. From last-minute to cancellations to worries about the flowers, there are always elements that can go wrong. Upsetting the bride, in particular, by wearing something inappropriate would be a huge faux-pas. If your partner is keen to wear a white dress, try to talk her out of it. This would undoubtedly cause a huge uproar. Even if the bride is happy with her choice, the other guests will definitely whisper (if she is lucky) or shout about it, as it is pretty unconventional. If you know the couple well, try to find out their colour scheme and avoid blending in. It can be embarrassing if you are wearing the same colours as the groomsmen.

Choose something classy and comfortable. Weddings are long affairs, so ensuring that you aren’t itching to get out of your outfit after a couple of hours is important. Consider that you may be eating a three-course meal as the wedding breakfast, so skin-tight shirts are inadvisable. Try co-ordinating with your partner and wear a tie in the same colour as her dress or a key element of her attire, for example this red skinny tie: Footwear is another element that requires comfort. Make sure that you don’t wear shoes straight from the shop; take time to break them in properly first. If your partner is keen to wear heels, why not encourage her to put a pair of flip-flops or flats in her bag to change into later in the day or evening?


Traditionally, people wear black when they are in mourning. However, nowadays, many people make it their wish for people to turn up wearing colourful clothes. For example, they might invite mourners to dress in football shirts and jeans if they were huge football fans. Alternatively, some people hope for fancy dress. This could be an attempt to lighten the mood and aim for people to remember the deceased for their hobbies or interests. 

However, for traditional funerals, stick to a black suit. For men, choose a top-quality tie and pair with a crisp white shirt. Make sure to iron whatever you are wearing well as, even if it is hidden by a jacket, the chances are that will be removed at the wake. Make sure that you have a pocket or a handbag with you to put your tissues. Even if you are not likely to cry, having a tissue on hand for another mourner is always useful. Being emotional for extended periods of time can raise your body temperature and you find yourself perspiring more readily. Try to avoid wearing synthetic fabrics, which can make the problem worse. Layers are great as you can remove or add as required.