Top Five Games You Must Play Online

If you find yourself bored and wondering what to do next, why not play a game online? Online games are all fad currently and we did not want our readers to feel left out. The simpler games can be easy to grasp and play and yet are totally addictive (we promise!).

So, here is a list of simple yet genius online games that you can play to have a great time:

Candy Crush

This legendary game has been around for quite some time now. And there is a solid reason for its popularity in a world where people’s attention spans are getting smaller and smaller. This game is bound to make you want to play again and again (and again).


First released in 2001, this game has spanned many series and is still popular. Bejeweled Deluxe, Bejeweled blitz and Bejeweled twist are the other versions of the game that have been well received over the years.


The classic game of bingo made its first online appearance almost two decades ago. It has attracted a large number of players from all around the globe and continues to be one of the most played online games ever. Want to try your luck at this addictive game? Play here!

The Sims

The sims lets you create your own virtual world with houses and people complete with emotions, goals, and desires. Further in the game, your job is to make those goals come true.


First introduced in 1984 by the Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov, this game is a classic. It has become a global phenomenon and almost everyone around you must have played it at one time or another.

Online games are a great distraction whenever you need one. So hop on and start playing!

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