The Guide To At-Home Haircuts

With the recent surge of COVID-19, some states have issued a new round of stay-at-home orders which have subsequently closed barbershops. You may want to whip out a pair of scissors and give yourself a haircut. However, it’s best that you’re diligent and careful. Thankfully, there are things you can do on your own to tame your mane during quarantine.  

Get a Low Maintenance Haircut

If your city loosens restrictions and allows barbershops to safely reopen, you can go get a haircut that will be easy to maintain. Check out these options:

–       Skin fades (these tend to take a week to grow back)
–       Regular tape or fade
–       Skin bald tapers (it can grow back quicker than skin fades)
–       A straight razor clean up can make the fade/taper last for a longer time

There are numerous options to choose from. If you’re feeling overwhelmed choosing a specific haircut, you can take a haircut quiz that can help you find a style that fits your face shape.

Order The Necessary Tools

In order to have a quality haircut, you will need some quality tools. Here’s what you should buy before giving yourself a haircut at home:

–       Styling products (pomade, clay)
–       A brush (necessary for longer styles)
–       Handheld mirror (helps you view the back of your head)
–       A hair clipper
–       A beard trimmer
–       Comb
–       Hair scissors

Get A Buzzcut

A buzzcut is the classic, low maintenance option. Though it’s definitely simpler than many styles, a lot can go wrong so you should be diligent. Use a regular hair clipper and not a beard trimmer. When using your hair clipper, use a 1.5 length for thicker, darker hair and a 2 on finer, light-colored hair. To get a great buzzcut, go against the grain of the hair. You can always switch settings. For instance, if your sides seem bulky when using a level 2, move down to 1.5 for the sides of your hair.

Keep Your Hair Long

Instead of getting an at-home haircut, you can always just let it grow out. If your hair is long enough that you can tuck it behind your ears, focus on maintenance. Regularly brush your hair and use leave-in conditioner. Now that your hair is longer, you shouldn’t shampoo every day because it can make your hair dry.

Trim Your Beard

Make sure your beard is also looking clean and fresh. Invest in a high-quality beard trimmer or an electric precision trimmer and clean up your neck, around the lips, and cheek area. For loose hairs, use a pair of scissors to trim. To keep your beard looking nice and healthy, use a beard balm and beard oil for moisturizing. Using natural beard products can help your beard stay hydrated and prevent skin dryness or irritation. 

Help Your Local Barber

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of barbershops are in financial disarray because of restrictions. Though it’s great you’re learning how to give yourself a haircut, do what you can to make sure these places will be open for when the pandemic is over. These are some practical things you can do to help:

–       Set up a FaceTime meeting with your barber so they can show you the
–       Pay your barber a digital cash tip via Venmo or Paypal.
–       Purchase a gift card that you can use once they reopen.
–       Support their GoFundMe page.

During this global pandemic, we all have to do our part to ensure the health and safety of others. Even if we are spending more time indoors, it’s reasonable to still want to look good with a fresh trim. Learning how to give yourself a haircut is an important step to maintaining a semblance of normalcy. Get creative and have fun!

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