The Future Of Security Is In Your Mobile Phone

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Mobile phones could be the key to keeping us safe and secure in the future. This is all thanks to the capabilities of modern apps, which are now able to connect with other devices and track down information via the internet that wasn’t previously available. Here are just a few ways in which mobile phones are certain to bring more security to our lives.

Facial recognition

Already, several mobile phones have started introducing facial recognition as a means of unlocking one’s phone.

This is much more effective than a password and could prevent someone who has stolen your phone gaining access to it.
Facial recognition is also starting to see its use in other areas. Some mobile banking apps have been bringing in facial recognition as a secure way of logging into one’s account. The technology has also been adopted as a form of real world identity verification for businesses – using one’s phone, it’s now possible to scan clients’ faces and check that they are the same person on their ID.

It’s possible that facial recognition technology could be used to replace many other form of password in the future as well as being used as a form of screening in many other instances. Whilst this technology has been around for some time, mobile phones have simply helped to make this technology more portable and more accessible to the masses.

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Smart home security

It’s also possible to use your phone to control various security features in your home via the internet of things. One of the most popular options is the smart lock, which replaces the standard lock and key mechanism by instead unlocking your front door with your phone.
There are also smart security cameras (of which you can watch the live footage on your phone) as well as smart burglar alarms (which can be activated and deactivated via your phone). The apps can even alert you when an intruder is detected so you don’t have to keep checking your phone. These security features could allow you to remotely protect your home against intruders. Could this be the future for all homes?

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Tracking apps

There are also a number of tracking apps out there that can allow you to use geolocation technology to keep your belongings secure. By placing trackers on your valuables, you can keep track of their location on your phone if they are stolen or lost. This could be done with your car, your laptop or even your TV.

It’s also possible to use your phone’s inbuilt tracking ability to alert others when you are in danger. There are a number of apps that can alert people if you’re in danger or allow others to track your location – this could be useful after a night out if you need to walk home alone.