Tips for Hosting an Awesome Sports Party for Your Friends

Are you and your friends looking forward to a big game coming up? Or maybe you want to start planning now for the super bowl? If so, throwing a party is essential! If everyone is getting together at your house, it’s important that you have everything on hand to make your party a memorable success! Here are a few tips for turning your next sports party into something that everyone will be talking about for years to come.

Hook Everyone Up With Some Gear

Getting everyone into the party spirit means making sure they can root on their teams by showing their support. This starts with having the right attire available for everyone to wear and feel comfortable in. While it’s a given that most people will wear team jerseys or hats of the favorite team that they’re rooting for, you can have something extra on hand for them to feel at home. Custom athletic socks are something that you can order specifically to match the team you’ll be celebrating for the day. You can also create custom socks for your child’s sports team, as well, if you decide to have a get together celebrating a major team win for your local sports league. This is a great way to promote team spirit and give guests the reasons to remember the highlights of your party. Add some flags, small pillows, banners, sweatbands and handkerchiefs into goodie bags to surprise guests after they leave your party.

Transforming Your Space to Be Team Friendly

When guests walk through the door, you want to give them the “WOW” factor! You can’t really do this if you just have a small bowl of stale popcorn sitting out on the table. Really dig deep. Bring out all of your team items, including flags, blankets, memorabilia and build from there. Showcase throughout the viewing and snack area. Then add team balloons, and anything with your favorite team’s colours. You may wish to add a rival wall—with each team having their own wall.

Create a list of players and if you want to get technical—their scores and stats throughout the season. A few weeks before the party, go on the hunt for large posters of your team or some popular teams that you think guests will like. This creates a conversation piece too. Adding sales posters of your favorite beers or mixed drinks can also add to the décor of your party area too. Making guests feel like they’re walking into a real sports bar is a good way to get the atmosphere buzzing.

Keep Things Lively With Games

In between game plays as well as before and after, real-life games are something fun to engage in. You can set up a trivia game that relates to the teams playing the day of your party and also include some other popular sports trivia as well. Create a box with small gifts and prizes in it for guests who win. Another idea is to do a betting game. Have guests place their bets on which team player gets the most points, fouls and which team will win. You can decide if you want to play for cold hard cash or you want to play for non-monetary items. Nothing is as popular as good old corn hole. Use boxes and bean bags that have each team on it. Pre-made corn hole games of popular rival teams are often found locally at your favorite sporting goods store, or you could get creative and make your own customised corn hole game.

Some Great Food

It’s not a party unless there are some tasty treats on hand. No football game day party is complete without tasty wings. Try to offer your guests a variety of flavors such as barbeque, sweet and sour and hot and spicy. Make sure you have plenty of ranch, blue cheese, celery and carrot sticks on hand too. Maybe for game time or afterward, your crowd will want more food. Creating a sub station is a great way for guests to make a hearty sandwich to help keep them fueled as the game wraps up. If you plan on firing up the grill, you can’t go wrong either. Have a small “concession stand” area set up so guests can dress up their brats and hamburgers to their liking.


A good party starts with a great host—and that’s you! From there, adding some special touches will make the memories of your party stand out for years to come

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