Stop Letting Your Car Drain Your Money!

When you first pass your test, nothing seems more exciting or appealing that getting your own car. The thought of having absolute freedom to go anywhere you want is amazing. Your friends are all hyping you up asking you when are going to be getting a car.

A few purchases later, and before you know it you’re behind the wheel. Admittedly, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have in the first few weeks. Driving your friends around, music blasting, putting your foot down a little bit more than you should have. But once the novelty wears off, the financial burden sets in. Cars just drain your money more than you’ll ever realise. So to help put the fun back into driving, we’ve got ways to take the financial worry away. Read on to find out more.

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Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest drainers for a lot of people. Young, or even just new, drivers are faced with huge insurance policies. Companies believe that these are the people most likely to be involved in an accident. Although, figures have shown that experienced drivers aren’t too far off being just as bad. When you first get car insurance, your premium will make your jaw drop. But there are a few ways of trying to reduce it that little bit for you. The first is being additional drivers. No, we’re not talking about your friends. Parents on the insurance policy can bring the final sum down a little, providing they don’t have any driving convictions. Another trick of the trade is reducing the amount of miles you’re predicting to do annually. Now, a lot of people actually lie, but you’re ever in an accident and are proven to have done more than you agreed on your policy, your insurance will be void. It is up to you if you take this risk, but if you actually sit and calculate how many miles you’ll do a year, it might not be as high as you would think.


Petrol will become the absolute burden of your life, especially if you have to drive around a lot. The most important tip we have here is to make sure every passenger knows that fuel doesn’t come cheap. You’ll realise a lot of friends will expect to be driven around for hours, without paying a penny. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little contribution, because it really does damage your finances. Commercial fueling stations are a lot cheaper than the privately owned ones. So being a little savvy with where you chose to fuel up might save you a little bit of money each month.

It’s All Down To The Car

Finally, the car you have is going to affect how much you’re paying each month. The sportier and quicker, the more fuel and more insurance you’re going to pay. The more sensible and cheap, the less insurance and fuel you’ll have to pay. Try and be savvy with the car you chose, and don’t just go for the flashiest car as your first car.