Facial Superpowers from BYONIK

Finding the key to your skin’s youth is the million dollar question, but the clever people behind the radical BYONIK facial system may just have nailed it.

It’s February, and you are probably feeling a bit crinkly and your skin needs some overdue TLC. You don’t need an all singing all dancing transformation, you just want to tone and plump and blur some lines after a long cold winter.

This is where the BYONIK facial system springs into action. It’s as relaxing as a facial but gives medical grade results due to its revolutionary method of pulsing a combination of intensive anti-aging serum and hyaluronic acid deep into your skin. Scientifically this combination works as space-keeper between skin cells which in turn improves nutrient flow for a fuller, more glowing appearance. And there is not a needle in sight!

Whilst your face is cleansed and prepared for the treatment (which only takes thirty minutes, so is an ideal lunchtime treat), your finger is attached to the pulse machine. This allows the blast of goodness to penetrate your skin in time with your heartbeat; When the pores swell naturally with your own vibrations, the antioxidants are absorbed into the skin cell with deeper penetration, and result in visible skin tightening and plumping.

Getting to the root of youthful skin, the BYONIK system can slow down the ageing process through preserving the skins DNA, making it healthier, and therefore decreasing cell turn over. Lasers provide superb anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and collagen boosting properties, and infrared-light helps with detoxification of skin cells which in turn improves the microcirculation and metabolism of the skin, to result in a facial rejuvenation without any needles or downtime.

Each treatment is personalised so if you have issues with sun damaged or dehydrated skin, enlarged pores or fine lines and wrinkles, the therapist will devise a programme to target your problem areas.

For skin care backed up by science, this treatment has it all. After one session, I felt relaxed, and looked as fresh as a baby. My skin’s DNA was on its way to being restored and I felt far less tight and alot more hydrated. It’s exciting to wonder what will happen after a second appointment. After a course of six I think I would be a new woman!

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