Sponsored Video: New Belgium Brewery – Slow Ride

Home-made pasta, a clean pair of socks, a heated car seat on a cold morning. As I pile-drive headfirst into ultimate oblivion I’ve found I’m really starting to appreciate the finer things in life.

My taste buds have definitely matured too. As a gangly, unfashionable youngster I’d happily drink any sort of frothy lager that was available, the more available the better in fact. These days as a gangly unfashionable older person I’m far more particular. My body may not be a temple, but to misquote a metaphor ‘If you don’t have a tie, you can’t come in’.

I’m a big fan of the slo-food movement, anything that encourages people to take their foot off the pedal and stop rushing around for ten minutes is fantastic. The dishes are always a million hundred times better too, made with the best ingredients and most importantly a fair sprinkling of love.

It’s an approach shared by New Belgium Brewing Company, a craft brewer based in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. In their latest commercial they’ve let Dr. Don, a self-proclaimed unlicensed therapist take to the streets with a mission; to bring lovers, co-workers and friends together on his special made slo-ride couch with some gentle counseling and a six-pack of beer, aptly named ‘Slo Ride session IPA’.

Right now the US is arguably leading the way in craft brewing, the previous generation of American Master Brewers took the best strains of British hops from over here, tweaked them in their labs and created new beers with complex, fruity and malty flavours that are out of this world.

Slo Ride session IPA (incidentally ‘IPA’ stands for Indian Pale Ale) is no exception, a blend of seven hop varieties; for those people who appreciate the finer things in life I can thoroughly recommend it.

As for Dr Don, he seems cool enough, but that couch looks like a real nightmare to park.

You can read more about New Belgium Brewing Company on Facebook HERE or check out the hashtag #goslowmo on Twitter

This video is sponsored by New Belgium Brewery, but all thoughts are my own.