Sponsored Video: Carlsberg – Probably the best Karaoke in the World

Probably the best Karaoke in the world

Ok, I’ve got a confession for you… I’ve never actually done Karaoke (EVER). It’s not that I’m a really bad singer… I wouldn’t say I’m at a pro level or anything, and I have in small groups attempted to sing Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead Or Alive” while playing Rockband on the Xbox without anyone pulling the plug out or wrenching the plastic guitar from my sweaty hands, but the truth is I’m a big chicken and exercising my vocal prowess in front of a group of strangers terrifies me completely.

If, in the unlikely event I ever do pluck up the courage to sing at a Karaoke evening it’s probably fair to say that the above new video by Calsberg wouldn’t be my first choice to sing along with. It’s a Karaoke version of Minnie Riperton’s classic “Loving You”, a song that Minnie warbles the A Major scale from F#6 to A5. The only way a mere mortal could authentically reproduce her impressive vocal range (except for Maria Carey) is by trapping your testicles in your zip just before you parachute out of an aeroplane at 40,000ft.

As for the video, there is a fair bit of (I think) symbolic imagery contained within, which could possibly be suggestive to the orgasmic feelings experienced when drinking a bottle of Calsberg. I think that’s what it is anyway, after all, art is open to interpretation, especially after a few beers.

This video is sponsored by Calsberg, but all thoughts are my own.