Sagemcom – The Sexy Sixty Retro Phone

I spotted this sexy little thing the other day, it’s called The Sixty from Sagemcom, and manages to be both retro and modern at the same time.

That’s not an easy task, just ask Austin Powers.

sixty sagemcom retro phone

What you get is a ‘highly glossy’ orange phone based on the classic French S63 model, the same as the one we used to have when I was a kid. People of a certain age will remember having to actually wait for the dial to spin before you could do the next number?

It makes me wonder how we ever had time to do anything else?

Luckily this one has an amazingly cool ‘Reverse Video Dot Matrix Display’ which looks ACE and means you don’t have to waste those precious extra seconds. It’s also combined with a wireless handset with a range of up to 300m, now in my day that would be a pretty long curly wire.

An ideal present for the James Bond style criminal mastermind in your life, and for the über cool kids (and Batman’s cave), they also do one in black.

Best of all is among the 10 ringtones there is a perfect digital reproduction of the original classic ‘ring ring’. Whatever next? A new version of the Mini or er. erm..

Sagemcom - The sixty retro phoneFeature include:
10 hours talkative
Range 50m indoors, 300m outdoors
20 minute Answering Machine
150 entry phonebook
Hands free
Incoming / outgoing call list (last 20 of each).
Call back option
Remote access and loads more…

Price is around £90, for more info visit

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