Tech Review: Samsung Google Nexus

This is the first phone I’ve had a chance to test running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), the latest Google operating system, and I love it. It’s a slight step back in terms of ‘friendliness’, but if you’re an experienced Android user, you’ll notice all the benefits and hit the ground running.

Tech Review: Motorola Razr

When the Motorola Razr first arrived at my door I was excited, this gadget had claimed so many sleek sounding features, even going as far to have “BEAUTY.BRAINS.POWER.HOT” as the tag line pasted across the box.

Tech Review: HTC Flyer

I like the HTC flyer, it’s a bit like a cross between a tablet and a phone, you could call it a ‘Tabl-one’ (by the way if no one has used the word ‘Tabl-one’ can I claim it?).

Smarthone Review: Nokia X7

If you attached the Nokia X7 to a piece of string and played mobile conkers with it, chances are by the end of playtime it would be dangling victorious above a pile of broken plastic.

Tech Review: HTC Rhyme

The HTC Rhyme available in 2 colours ‘Clearwater’ and ‘Plum’. From the looks of things the one I have (a sort of purple pinkish colour) is geared towards the fairer of the species!

Tech Review: Samsung Galaxy SII White

Customisation on an iPhone is limited too, but with the Galaxy SII you can make it YOUR phone. Downloading an Android App can be like running naked through the jungle, whereas an iPhone can sometimes feels like an extremely well organised package tour.

Smartphone Review: LG Optimus 3D

The LG Optimus 3D is the Worlds First 3D Phone, some of it’s features are really quite impressive, but is it a phone you would actually buy?

Tech Review: HTC Wildfire S

The HTC Wildfire is powered by Google’s Android operating system and has some nice features. We take a look inside the box.

Tech Review: BlackBerry Bold 9900

Blackberry devices are increasing in popularity among business AND non-business users alike in the UK, Phil Mottershead takes a look at the Bold 9790.

Tech Review: AndyPad

There is one thing to say about the AndyPad tablet before we review it. The Price. The two versions are £125 and £175. For an Android based tablet that is VERY cheap.

Tech Review: Motorola Xoom

Things happen fast in the world of technology and yesterdays state-of-the-art is this weeks museum piece. Will the Xoom stand the test of time?

Smartphone Review: Samsung Fit & Mini

The Samsung Fit & Mini are two smartphones that without being spectacular in any one department are pretty solid choices if you’re looking to get all the latest smartphone features, but on a smaller budget.