Rising Instagram Influencers 2021

Nowadays Instagram is the premier platform for influencers, with its most followed users acting the A list for our modern celebrity culture. Rising influencers serve as thought leaders and ambassadors for their specialist sectors. Check out these up-and-coming internet personalities if you’re casting around for your fresh faces for your feed.

Maria Ho, Poker Athlete and TV Personality (@maria_ho)

Instagram is home to many popular sports personalities, some of whom like Christiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams have some of the largest followings on the platform. In recent years professional poker athletes have risen in prominence and some, like Maria Ho, are making a name for themselves as up-and-coming influencers. Maria is a TV personality who has appeared on Deal or No Deal and American Idol, and occasionally works as a presenter for sports events. That is, when she’s not crushing it in the big leagues of the Poker world. Her page gives you all the insider access into her high-stakes life-style as posts from more than a few stunning locales as she jets around the globe to work and play.

Zach King, Digital Illusionist (@zachking)

American illusionist, film maker and influencer Zach King rose to prominence in 2013 on the short-form video platform Vine, with his “digital sleight of hand”, 6 second magic videos. In addition to consistently posting to YouTube since 2008, King has become one of the most followed users on music video social app TikTok where, since 2016, he has amassed over 45 million followers. In December of 2019 he posted a video to TikTok of a skit featuring him apparently riding a broomstick through the air, before demonstrating how the illusion was performed with mirrors. The video was one of the most successful viral hits in the history of the platform, with an estimated 2 billion views to date. King’s Instagram profile has over 24 million followers, he uses his feed to re-share video content from his other profiles as well as hosting original magic tricks and clips in both video and Instagram Story form.


Sina Happy Grey Lucky, Interior Designer and Lifestyle Blogger (@happygreylucky)

Sina is the brains behind lifestyle and design blog Happy Grey Lucky. The Toronto-based mother and interior designer lives with her husband Chris and their three young children Nicolas, Isabelle and a new baby girl. Her Instagram feed has over 300k followers who follow along for the artful and beautiful photography of Sina’s loving family life. Originally devised as a space for Sina to platform her aesthetic preferences for monochromatic Scandinavian inspired design, the blog and her social media feed have come to be as much about her experience of raising a family. You’ll witness plenty of crafting, food photography, coffee and travel on her profile. That is, amongst the poignant reflections on motherhood, the inspiring design tips and the abundant grey furniture.


Luka Sabbat, Model, Fashion Designer and Actor (@lukasabbat)

Luka Sabbat is one of the top young models working today since his discovery in 2015. Coming from a family rooted in the industry, with his father a Parisian fashion designer and his mother working as a professional stylist for John Galliano, Sabbat grew up around Haute couture. He’s worked with some of the biggest designers and labels in the world. From the sartorial old guard of the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger and Vogue to ultra-modern streetwear brands like Stussy, Hood by Air and i-D. He has even worked with Kayne West and his YEEZY outlet, and has been a runaway model for the multi platinum rap artist for his New York Fashion week presentation in 2017. With 2.5 million followers and counting on Instagram, his developing career is being closely watched. In 2016 Sabbat, in conjunction with Noah Dillon, launched his own clothing brand named Hot Mess, which has collaborated with the likes of American Apparel. More recently, Sabbat has branching out into acting, appearing in ABC’s sitcom Grown-ish, a spin off of popular series Black-ish.