How To Dress Well & Look Chic While Traveling – Fashion Advice For Lottery Winners

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With modern technology, travel has never been so easy. There is no place in the world you cannot get to. Travel is commonplace for business people, celebrities, and especially for lottery winners. When you have the funds, you can cross the globe in absolute comfort. Virtually every lottery winner embarks on some type of travel after coming into their fortune. 

Most lottery winners are new millionaires. They are unaccustomed to luxury travel. We will explain how the wealthier classes of people travel the world and always look chic. With a few basic items and a few minor tips, you can look like you were born a millionaire. So, read along with us for some easy to follow fashion advice for lottery winners

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Essential Items That You Must Have

The following items are a must-have for any person of wealth. You will need them at home and you will need them traveling. These particular items travel well and you should not leave home without them (depending on the season).

Tortoiseshell eyewear
These traditional sunglasses make an “old-money” statement and cannot be outdone. Because they are chic and understated they usually wear better with most outfits than current trends.

Navy blazer
A navy blazer can be dressed up with a skirt and simple blouse and pearls or dressed down with a button-down and jeans. It works anywhere.

Another choice that is versatile and can be worn in many ways. Wear it with your navy blazer, trousers, or even walking shorts and a belt. Gray is a good choice.

White or light blue button-down shirt
There is just nothing you cannot do with a white button-down. Keep your travel iron handy for touch-ups. You will reach for this throughout your trip.

Drape it over your shoulders. It prepares you for any temperature and instantly says money. If you put it on, feel free to push the sleeves up and pull your shirt cuffs through the arms. Instant chic.

Camel coat
A Camel Coat covers up any fashion mess. It is rich, structured, and looks classic. Cinch it for a pulled-together look. Throw a bag over your shoulder and grab your sunglasses, you could be off to anything from a business meeting to a hot date. No one will guess if you have on a football tee under the coat.

Nice Watch
A nice watch fits your style, is functional, and is beautiful. It does not have to cost thousands. But it is a part of fashion that is expected.

Little black dress
An item that can be worn with flats and a neck scarf, or pumps and pearls. It can be worn shopping or out to a formal dinner. It will look great with your cardigan or under your camel coat.

Add your bling
While traveling, celebrities often take the opportunity to show off their jewelry. Feel free to go just this side of gaudy. Get bold and flashy. Bangles, clunky necklaces and earrings and big rings, are great while you are on the road.

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Personal Grooming Attention

You will never see a millionaire or a celebrity arrive anywhere with messy hair and make-up or unkempt facial hair. The reason for this is they live busy lives and they are often the center of media attention. This is why they go to good stylists and have haircuts that are easier to maintain. They do not wait until they “need” a haircut. They have their hair trimmed regularly. They have their eyebrows and men have their beards trimmed often. When they travel, their simple styles fall into place. This is what a good haircut and keeping hair in good condition do. 

Cosmetics, perfumes, and colognes

Keep cosmetics to a minimum while traveling. Of course, you can apply simple make-up during the day and wear more when you go out for the evening. Consider the Boom products by Cindy Joseph. Even celebrities like Jennifer Anniston have reported keeping one with her. It is a simple product that comes in a “stick” form that can be worn as a blusher, lip color, and eye shadow. It looks natural and beautiful. 

Men and women should wear quality perfume and/or cologne. You can get away with applying a bit more than usual while traveling, but remember, people should have to be addressing you to smell your cologne. They should not be able to smell you when you walk in a room or down a hall.

Clean lines, freshly ironed, no polyester

Have your shirts and trousers laundered before you leave. Your clothes should be freshly starched and ironed. You should never be seen in clothes that are wrinkled or worn, and you should not own anything that is made of polyester. Polyester is like fake leather. You cannot hide it. If you have money, you have to “keep it real”. 

Bag and Shoes

Your bag and shoes are often the first things noticed. Even professional celebrity reporters are trained to look for the bag and shoes of their subjects. If you have not yet invested in your accessories, go with a basic leather tote bag and ballet flats or loafers. 

Never Show – Logos

Regardless of what the media would have you believe, the upper-class never show logos. The handbags with names all over them, shoes with huge initials, and shirts that turn you into a billboard are not found in millionaire circles.

So, there you have it. A few essentials and some basic tips and you will fit in with the jet-setters. You can hop on a plane and go to New York, Tokyo, or London and fit right in with the cream of society. After all, you won the lottery! You can certainly afford the luxuries!