Drink your way to health with Steeps One Shot

Personal trainer Jamie Baird has taken his quest to promote wellbeing to a new level and has founded a new easy to swallow potion that ticks all your daily boost boxes in one drinkable combination. Steeps One Shot is completely free of wheat, gluten, preservatives, chemicals and dairy, and is keto and paleo friendly. 

The elixir is a fiery blend of raw, organic ingredients, based on a concoction from the 70s which started with fermented apple cider vinegar. The essential ingredients: turmeric, ginger, chilli, garlic, onion and horseradish ensure a winning combination of antibacterial and antioxidant properties, with horseradish aiding congestion, turmeric boosting metabolism and immunity and the ginger and garlic are poor man’s penicillin and have been celebrated for centuries as wonder foods. 

I can’t deny it wasn’t zingy – the combination of spice and vinegar will ensure that! But for pickle lovers like me, I took it in my stride, and after a couple of weeks daily use it was the perfect afternoon pick me up- but it can also be added as a dressing to food or diluted with juice, hot water or honey to take the edge off. 

Even though the weather might be turning for the better, taking a shot of Steeps One Shot every day (with food to stop any burps), will keep you gut in optimum health and get your metabolism and digestion firing on all cylinders. 

The organic, natural ingredients provide anti-inflammatory properties all year round, and I can say from imbibing a small bottle over two weeks, it gives your energy a kick start- so is ideal for any afternoon slumps, I feel pretty unstoppable actually! As well as utilising the garlic to ward off any lurgies, the natural ingredients are said to lower blood sugar, curb cravings and aid digestion.

Arriving with a measured shot glass, you can choose whether you need to be ‘on it 10ml,, supercharged,20ml or unstoppable 30ml’. Be warned- unstoppable for fire breathers only! 

Although the company is growing Jamie still makes Steeps One Shot at home and he writes a personal note to everyone who buys a bottle. 


Sara Darling

Sara Darling is a freelance travel, fashion and lifestyle writer. In a previous life she was a fashion luvvie, but quit to follow her gypsy soul! When she is not clutching her passport, microphone or glass of fizz, she can be found avec snorkel in exotic oceans, scouring international flea markets for covetable jewellery, watching indie films or checking out photography exhibitions and wishing she could take a better picture. Follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram on @wordsbydarling and @1stclassdarling