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As if being a teacher isn’t hard enough, choosing what to wear can add to the daily stress. We are here to alleviate some of that pressure and offer advice on the perfect teacher wardrobe. Continue reading for some top tips.

Look at the care labels

Before buying any item of clothing to add to your teacher wardrobe, be sure to look carefully at the care label. If it is hand wash only, discount that item immediately, even if it seems otherwise perfect. If the item is delicate and requires to be washed separately, that is a definite no. Only purchase items that will not need to receive specialist treatment. You undoubtedly have plenty of students who need that from you; don’t add your clothing to that list as well.

Consider the color

Wearing white in a classroom is a brave choice and one which you will almost certainly end up regretting. For those elementary teachers, there is a vast supply of paint, felt tips, ink, body fluids and many other things that do not work well alongside the color white. Likewise, pastels can end up looking grubby after just a couple of hours in the classroom. Dark colors and patterned garments can hide a multitude of sins. Red is deemed a powerful color and is advised when you are subject to scrutiny and observation.


Necklines are very important. It can look perfect for church at home in the mirror, but if you lean forward while trying to explain long division to a child, it may suddenly become too revealing. That does not mean you must immediately discount that item. Layering with women’s knitwear, for example, can help in this situation and therefore can be perfect in the chilly winter months. Always test a top beforehand by leaning forwards in front of the mirror. The length of skirts should also be given considerable thought. If a skirt is too short, it can be very difficult to sit appropriately and can attract unwanted attention. Thick tights or leggings can help in this situation. However, it is certainly advisable to make sure that skirts and dresses fall to at least your knee. 


Spending the whole day in the classroom, hardly having time for a comfort break, means that you certainly want to feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. Avoid silly high heels and opt for a lower chunkier heel. Boots can be great in autumn and winter. They can also help protect your foot if a child accidentally plonks the chair on your foot! Choosing fabrics that do not itch is also a great decision to make. Furthermore, certain fabrics can lead you to perspiring. Avoid these too.


Always keep a waterproof coat in your classroom cupboard for yard duty. Choose one that you can wear with layers underneath so that it is suitable for most weather conditions and seasons. One with a range of pockets is ideal, so you can confiscate the chewing gum and keep your whistle and stopwatch handy. 

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