The Future of Free Parking: What’s Next for This Dragon’s Den Success Story?

Following a roaring success on Dragon’s Den and an investment from Jenny Campbell, ParkingPerx has gone from strength to strength. Founder Chris Reed has pushed for more investment, further high-quality partnerships, the creation of new jobs, and substantial international interest.

On top of Jenny Campbell’s investment, the start-up has received £250k from Mercia Technologies. This has given ProxiSmart, the umbrella company for ParkingPerx, impressive momentum and will facilitate the creation of six new jobs over the next four months. 

Parking Perx
Parking Perx

ParkingPerx has announced an enviable list of High Street brands and Merchants where shoppers will be able to earn their free parking rewards. Household names including ASDA, B&Q, Costa, H&M, Primark, John Lewis, Tesco, JD Sports, Waterstones, Clarks and Pizza Hut will all be partnering with the innovative free App (a full list of partners is available on request).These big names will give ParkingPerx an anchor in every high-street throughout the country, and they are sure to draw in publicity and customers. 

If this wasn’t impressive enough, ParkingPerx has also partnered up with RingGO — the UK’s largest cashless parking solution provider. RingGO is already established in over 400 locations across the country providing ParkingPerx with the opportunity to be available nationwide.

Chris Reed isn’t stopping there! There are big plans for the future. The recently announced sister app, TravelPerx, is set to reward commuters with free public transport in 2020! Similar to ParkingPerx, this app will team up with some big brands to reward shoppers with discounted or FREE public transport. Addressing this exciting news, Chris Reed said: 

“The solution aims to uplift the local economy whilst incentivising greener travel choices to reduce congestion in our cities.”

Watch this space and expect to see ParkingPerx rolled out in a number of key locations soon. After it has been trialled in the UK, ProxiSmart will then tackle the international market. Interest in the app has already been shown in Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, UAE, Ireland, and the USA.

This Dragon’s Den success story is set to change the nature of parking, shopping, and public transport in highstreets around the world. Watch out for the app rolling out in your hometown during 2020. 

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