Nothing Beats Christmas In A New City

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There are three times when travelling becomes a must-have experience: early summer, late summer and Christmas, and the latter takes the podiums top spot because nothing is more magical than seeing a new city at the merriest time of the year.

All those new festive traditions to immerse yourself in, all that booze that needs to be drunk, all those little streets that have been decorated by twinkling lights, a carpet of snow and a delicious nip in the air. Mmmmm, a Christmas getaway is the best, and here are the best city getaways to revel in:


Going through life and not experiencing a Scandinavian Christmas is almost a sin. There are just two problems to overcome; the choice and the price. Well, Copenhagen isn’t just the most vibrant of the Scandinavian cities, it is also the most affordable. Just make sure you dance amongst the half-a-million stars in the Tivoli Gardens.

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Nothing beats stepping out of a Hotel in London City in a thick jumper and thicker coat and getting lost amongst the hustle and bustle of a merry city, each one of the streets that makes up this labyrinth glittering with Christmas lights and laughter. Start at Oxford Street, wander through Carnaby Street and then head to the Winter Wonderland of Hyde Park.

Hong Kong

If it is a fanfare of a celebration you are after, then you can be sure that Hong Kong is the place to go. This place doesn’t know how to do subtle. Lights will hang from the infinite number of skyscrapers, every shop front will b festooned with wrapping paper and presents and cheesy Christmas music will just appear from nowhere, all the time.


How can we conduct a list like this and not mention Lapland, a place so charming you’ll believe in Santa again. This is a place where your kids wildest fantasies will come true and you’ll be reminded why not growing up is so awesome. If you want to capture the magic of Christmas, then this is where you need to go. That’s final.

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New York

We’ve all seen Home Alone 2. We’ve all got that tingling feeling on the back of our necks, wishing we could experience a Christmas in the city that never sleeps, where the Christmas trees are bigger and better than anywhere and the shops have been seemingly decorated by the elves themselves. Once in your life, you have to have a Big Apple Christmas.


Despite everything that has happened during Europe’s rich history, Prague remains gorgeously untouched, meaning nowhere looks quite as beautiful, especially when there is a light dusting of snow and a montage of twinkling lights involved. Trust us, getting lost in this maze of Medieval history is a spellbinding moment that you will never forget.


If you want to guarantee yourself a white Christmas, then you need to head to the mountains and none are better than those in Aspen, Colorado. This famous ski resort pulls out all the stops when Christmas comes around. However, it is the organic environment that wins. The wooden lodges, the merry cheer, the horse-drawn carts and the chance to share a laugh with total strangers.