Winter Getaway: Weekend Wonders in Lapland

Just about 3 hours away from London with a quick flight, Luosto in Finland will be calling your name for a few months still. It’s the kind of winter magic we can’t find without going a bit further up north – and when you go far enough, you get to feast your eyes on the magical northern lights while ice fishing or chilling out in the back of a dog sledge.

Image source: Pexels

Luosto is renowned as the perfect destination if you want to view the green and pink Aurora dancing across the sky at night, so make sure you partake in some of the evening activities as well. Don’t worry if you like to go to bed early, though – the sun sets at about 3 PM, so you can easily enjoy the show over dinner.

Here is a handful of reasons to enjoy winter like never before in the home of the Sami people, hoards of reindeers and, of course, everybody’s Santa Claus.

Find your own lucky stone

Going on a family holiday to Luosto offers a lot of experiences and activities you wouldn’t get in other countries. Visiting an amethyst mine, for example, by climbing the hill of Lampivaara and taking on one of the most amazing views over forests and fells in Lapland. Visiting the amethyst mine is a very popular activity for families as it’s a bit educational too – and you even get to hunt for your own lucky stone.

Go on a Lapland safari

Plan your trip to Finland during the Christmas holiday and experience one of those white Christmases we’ve been dreaming about for so long now. The nature is pure, the snow falls regularly, and the landscape is perfect for an authentic Lapland safari.
Go in a snowmobile, let several huskies pull your sledge, or spruce it up by putting a few reindeer in charge of leading your safari. It’s all about experiencing the northern landscape in a relaxed, back-to-nature style, and many of the holidays designed for adults will have several of these options included – so you can mix and match the alternatives to suit your style.

Not that into wild sledge-rides pulled by dogs or reindeer? No problem; sit in the sauna all day instead, and contemplate on whether you should go on a leisurely ski-trip before playing board games and drinking hot chocolate all evening.

Image source: Pexels

Visit Santa Claus

It’s no wonder Santa Claus set his heart on Lapland, in all honesty, with its unspoilt landscape and the delicate layers of fine snow covering each tiny little branch around you. Luosto is a great place to start if you’d like to pay him a visit, by the way, and you’ll be able to find an abundance of travel packages to combine with a trip to the amethyst mines, for example, or any other exploration you’d like to add.
Wherever you’d like to go, they’ll transport you by snowmobile – it’s no doubt about it.

Enjoy the breathtaking view, the smell of crisp snow, and a sense of experiencing Christmas like never before. It’s not everyone who gets to visit Santa Claus, after all, even though he visits us every year.