Jason Fischer – Cartoon World

Are there any new artists / comics we should look out?
Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of my friend Adam Roth in the near future. We’re working together on a special book to premiere later this year. Jonny Negron and Jesse Balmer just released a new book, Demon God Goblin Heaven; those two are incredible!

Dominic De Venuta is killing it lately. Inés Estrada blows me away always. Jim Ether has been pushing out these great paintings lately (he’s got a very extensive body of work, including animation and film). Amber Seegmiller is getting into some amazing movements with her water-colouring. There’s so many amazing artists, holy smokes, I just hope they keep working. I think there’s room for everyone to be successful, but that has to include patience and hard work.

Jason Fischer -  Cartoon World

Who is on your stereo at the moment?
Right now I’m listening to John Roberts “Glass Eights”. I’ve been on a music purge lately, since all I was listening to was Nintendo soundtracks and the same 30gigs of music for the last 6 years (I’ve heard it all 20 times over). My friend Ron gave me a 2gig stick full of electronic/house/ambient/dance/techno like CFCF, Lone, Farben, Geotic, Erdbeerschnitzel, Joy Orbison.. I’ve been taking it smoothly.

Who is better Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck?
Sufferin’ succotash! Man, they’re equally amazing. I have a favorite cartoon featuring both stars: Bugs Bunny in Easter Yeggs and Daffy Duck in Daffy Doodles. Trying to choose between the two is like getting pulverized by a 100 ton anvil.

Jason Fischer

Where is the best place to go for breakfast in Portland?
As with choosing favorite Looney Tunes characters, this is another question that’s hard to pick just one! There’s Gravy with their thick French toast, Tasty n’ Sons with their cast iron frittata, Broder Cafe with their Swedish breakfast board…

OR THERE’S EVEN Hammy’s Pizza with their Breakfast Pie.. more of an early morning breakfast. Best place though, by far, Simpatica for their Sunday brunch. Best steak and eggs I’ve ever had.

Do you really like Black beans cold? Yuk!
As you’ve seen in my Dark Rainbow tutorial, I can eat them by the can! Throw in a little of your favorite salad dressing, stir it up.. yum!

Jason Fischer

See more of Jason’s brilliant work on his site www.studiojfish.com or follow his wobbly burger on Twitter @StudioJFISH. Check out all our Art Month 2011 Features here.
Thumb photo by Simone Paz, page1 pic Ed Peterson