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Jason Fischer interviewWhat is your latest project(s)?
My girlfriend Robin and I just released the first issue of a brand new comic series, the monster porn comic Junqueland #1.

She wrote the story and plotted the thumbnails and I illustrated and edited the issue. We released it at Stumptown Comics Fest with great success and I held a signing at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood during Free Comic Book Day.

My friend Greg Khmara and I are working on the first volume of Tabouli Bros.. an adventure comic series about a couple of bandits looking to score treasure and riches.

Over last winter, we completed a 36 page dramatic comic called Une Petite Romance and we’re currently working with a printer in Portland and will premiere the book later this year.

We’ve also put together two issues of our anthology series Fine Literature and are planning issue three. Not being satisfied with all this work, we’ve put together a comic book of two horror tales, Slaughterhouse #1.

We’re always working on stuff, there’s never an end to it all.

As for Pony Club centric projects, I am planning my second showing of the monster erotic art group show Monsterbation for this October. Like the first show, the Monsterbation II will be sure to overload the senses with monstrously sensual work from many artists. That’s my main show I’m curating this year at the Pony Club; I’m trying to give myself a little room to relax this year!

Are you looking for contributors for Fine Literature Issue 3?
Fine Literature 3 has something really special going on as far as the theme/presentation of the book. Greg and I need to figure it out before we begin inviting contributors. A few people are in the know, but for now we’re taking our time to plan it out as perfectly as we can.

Jason Fischer