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Kapow – Comic Convention 2012

Kapow! is such a wonderfully embracing/encouraging environment where the guests speakers are often meeting people who in turn inspired them in their youth. Access to some of the worlds greatest artists was readily available, and there were many portfolios being nervously examined throughout the venue.

London Comic Con MCM Expo 2011 Part 2

The first thing I saw when I got past the guys who check your tickets was a massive long queue of attendees. It took me a few moments to realise they were waiting in line to meet Star Wars hero Anthony Daniels (C3-PO) and maybe get an autograph.

London Comic Con MCM Expo 2011

I’ve been to conventions. Mostly comics. But I’ve also turned up at the occasional Science Fiction Convention and not a few Doctor Who Conventions over the years. This is my first time at Expo and nothing prepared me for the sheer scale of the thing.

Andreas Englund: Superartist

Andreas England is a brilliant Swedish artist based in Stockholm. He has just finished a series of pictures humorously depicting the universal problem of growing old, but from that of a Superheroes perspective.

Steve Talkowski – Toy Story (Part 2)

Steve Talkowski’s Sketchbot is not the sort of thing you will see poking out of a McDonalds Happy Meal, it’s a high quality, hand painted, limited edition piece of art (and far too good to let your kids play with). PLUS! We have one to give away.

Lego in 3D: Arthur Sacek

Lego is becoming more creative and Arthur Sacek has devised a machine made almost entirely out of the stuff to make stunning 3D Models.

MCM Expo London 2011

Spider-man, a Predator and Sonic the Hedgehog walk into a crowded room… welcome to the MCM Expo London 2011

KAPOW Comic-Con 2011

The first ever Kapow Comic Con was held in London last weekend, Steve Clarke was there to find out whether it could live up to the hype.

Preview – Kapow!! Comic-Con 2011

The first ever Kapow Comic-Con takes place this weekend in London and Flush the Fashion will be there to cover the event. Here is a quick look at some of the things happening over the two days…