How To Style Yourself For A Luxury Cruise Trip

That time has arrived you have been waiting for a while now, the dates of your luxury cruise trip are nearing and your excitement is palpable. Once you get hold of your excitement, you now start to worry about what you need to carry with you on this dream trip and how you should conduct yourself while on board.

You are well aware, this is not an ordinary beach vacation or weekend getaway but a trip of a lifetime. It`s that time of your life when you want to immerse in opulence while revealing your original stylish side. 

This article is going to help you be your best during your priced trip giving you insights into how you need to style yourself and the right fit accessories you need to carry while onboard.

How To Carry Your Stuff

First things first, buy an original leather travel bag as a central storage carrier for your trip instead of your regular trolley bag that has become obsolete. Leather travel bags are synonymous with luxury and graceful travel. They are available in different spacious measurements that can house your various items for the trip with convenience. Given their natural strength and durability, you are well covered from any damages to your travel bag that may cause you to weep in the middle of the night a few days into the trip. 

Formal or Casual Wear

Luxury cruises offer a range of different activities that demand you to wear something accordingly. There`s a mix of formal and casual wear you must carry while being on board to look dressed for the occasion.  

  • Formal Dinner or Gala Night: Different luxury cruise services have a formal dinner gathering or gala night.  This is a formal setting and carrying a suit jacket with smart pants at least for this setting is a bare minimum. If there`s not a more formal specific dress code mentioned, you can pair this jacket with a buttoned shirt or a polo shirt. If you have been wondering when you will ever get a chance to wear that tuxedo you have kept safe in your closet all this while, now is the time. Ladies can opt for jewelry gowns and high heels along with other formal options. Elegance is the name of the game here, not ignorance of what you`re wearing.  
  • Exploring Activities During The Daytime: Luxury cruise liners offer a plethora of day activities and services you can indulge in to pass your time ranging from whale watching at the deck to occupying a relaxing chair in the library with your favorite read. On all occasions, you shouldn`t be compromising on style as there are plenty of options you can carry to look and feel smart. A windbreaker jacket is a very handy thing to wear as you may experience sudden wind gushes or constant wind circles while being on the deck or roaming around the ship. You can wear a smart pair of jeans or khaki trousers while around the ship and experiencing different activities. Tailored shorts, linen shirts, branded flowy dresses, stylish sunglasses, classic style hats, etc. are all things you can style yourself with depending on where you are heading next on the ship during the day. 
  • Being At The Pool: Luxury cruises offer lavish pool areas where you can sit, relax on the long chairs, or swim all you want. Make sure you`re not wearing something distasteful, instead carry yourself in appropriate shorts or swimsuits. Look simply cool by carrying your poolside accessories in a leather duffle bag. 

Smart Accessories For Sophisticated Style

Instead of carrying just one, take along a pair of sunglasses, scarves, watches, belts, and two different types of jackets that you can wear alternatively as the mood suggests or depending on where you are heading. The idea is to make sure you are not short on stuff or options as you try adding sophistication to your demeanor while on a cruise. 

What Footwear To Carry

Apart from dress shoes for formal wear, carrying a pair of elegant moccasin shoes for stylish comfort is a good option. You can switch over to trendier walking shoes anytime. However, for classic elegance on a casual evening or night gathering while you`re at the bar or in a musical event, moccasins simply cut no other shoes. 

Ladies can keep a pair of sandals and boots along with formal heels to grace every occasion with elegance. 

General Rules To Consider

  • Don`t pack less for a cruise trip, pack more since they don`t come along yearly. You don`t want to be short on accessories for this once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.
  • Keep two pairs of most items which are light and not difficult to carry or store.
  • Since luxury cruises are huge ships, you often have to travel quite a bit around them to get to one activity from another. A mens leather backpack is a classic add-on bag that can come in quite handy to carry your stuff while roaming around the ship exploring what the cruise liner has to offer on its different floors. 
  • Research and note down the specific dress codes and different rules beforehand for different occasions and facilities a luxury cruise has to offer. 

Wrapping Up

We sincerely hope that this article has imparted beneficial knowledge to you on the what`s and hows of embracing style on a luxury cruise travel. We look forward to you being able to bring out your genuine stylish side when you embark on that journey of dreams in your life soon. Cheers! 

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