How to Look Stylish on a Budget

It is a common misconception in the fashion world that expensive items produce an expensive look. Do you think wearing that shouting logo or that fake brand imitation will elevate your look? 

Sorry to burst your bubble, but as illustrated in Lottoland’s article on how to dress like a millionaire, you can achieve that stylish, expensive look without breaking the bank. That said, below are some tips to help you look stylish on a budget. 

  1. Shop off Season

While looking stylish boils down to investing in your wardrobe, it’s important to be strategic about the time of the year you want to do your wardrobe shopping. Usually, clothes’ prices skyrocket during the beginning of a particular season. For instance, building a winter wardrobe at the beginning of winter is usually expensive. 

In that case, plan your purchases well in advance if you want that elegant look for way much less. 

Start shopping during summer when everyone is scrambling for tee shirts and swimwear. Winter wear will be much cheaper, and you may even land great discounts due to low demand. The same applies to other seasons.

  1. Consider DIY Fashion

Who said you need to buy those overpriced items from famous fashion brands to look expensive? Almost every other person buys from them, which makes you come off as cheap. 

Sometimes, uniqueness can mean luxury in the fashion world. After all, those brands were inspired by an individual’s fashion taste, which means you can make your own! All you need is some inspiration from a fashion site, creativity, consideration of your unique body size and shape, and some time and craftsmanship, and you will have something stunning. 

DIY fashion guarantees you a great look for less. It is also a great way of exposing your awesome personality to the world in a way that mass-produced fashion can never achieve.

  1. Good Grooming Is Key

Another way to look chic without a dime is to simply look good. In the fashion world, the book is always judged by its cover—literally! And you have a few seconds at most to make a statement. Therefore, ensure you look good from the word go.

The first thing people notice about you is the face, hair, nails, legs and any other exposed area. Whether you are team natural or wear extensions, your hair should be clean and tidy whenever you step out. And since you may lack time to pop in the manicures, you can remove chipped nail polish and apply a fresh coat at home. 

  1. Have Your Clothes Tailored

As a die-hard fashion fan, your heart must flutter when you see your favourite celebrities with that new expensive outfit you think is way out of your league. Most people don’t realise that those fashion icons usually have personal tailors. You heard that right!

Unless you have an average body size that fits everything off the shelves, you need someone to make those adjustments. A cut here and a stitch there can make all the difference. This ensures that whatever you wear, whether cheap or expensive, is tailored according to your tastes and preferences, including shape and size. They won’t know it was inexpensive. 

  1. Wear Some Hardware

Forget about that building that sells snow shovels and wheelbarrows. Hardware means those “hard” accessories necessary to make you look expensive. This includes belt buckles, buttons, chains, handbag chains, and other metallic objects. Start putting some on if you haven’t already.

A golden belt buckle shouts expensive from miles away, even if you wear it over trousers worth a nickel. However, don’t wear too many. Two or three are enough. Just ensure the colour matches. For instance, you can have silver earrings with a silver-buckled handbag. 

Furthermore, ensure you go for the real or near-real items. Avoid those extra cheap copies.

  1. Don’t Be an Advertising Platform

Imagine pulling that Gucci or Louis Vuitton look and being the centre of attention and envy in your neighbourhood. Great, right? You would want everybody to know, which is totally okay. After all, it never hurts to treat yourself once in a while. 

However, a general rule of thumb is not to overdo it. One way of looking super cheap is to become a human billboard. 

In that case, avoid big logos like the plague. If you see fake designer clothes, run for your dear look. It’s better to have one expensive designer item and build your look around it using a neutral colour palette. 


No look is out of your way. In fact, you can put together an expensive-looking outfit right from your wardrobe. The tips above should get you started. 

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