How to Pack for a Holiday in Vegas

So you’re booking a vacation in Vegas. First of all, congratulations! You’re in for a great time. Vegas is one of the world’s finest gaming destinations. You’ll experience glitz and glamour on a scale that you never have before, entertainment that would be fit for a king and buffets to die for. With all that in mind, you could be fooled into thinking that you can just rock up with a spare pair of underpants and have a whale of a time. While that probably is true, being well-prepared will ensure that you have the best holiday possible and really get the most out of this dream destination.

Vegas is a dream holiday destination, so make sure you pack accordingly – Photo

Pack Some Practise

If you want to arrive and be ready to hit the casino straight away then you could prepare by playing a few games on your way. The journey is always the most boring part of the vacation, so make it a little more interesting by playing some games online. There are plenty of online casinos that provides lots of choice, so you can refresh your memory on the rules of one of the evergreen titles such as the blackjack and its variations, the roulette, and more in one place.

Sometimes stepping into a casino when you haven’t played for a long time can feel a little daunting, so it can be nice to arrive at your destination with your memory refreshed. If you’re traveling with friends then you could also consider packing a travel poker set. They can be a little fiddly on airplane tray tables, but it’s a good way to get the holiday kicked off in good spirits. Playing as teams can build camaraderie between your group if you’ve not traveled together before, but make sure you’re all seated in the same row.

Practical Essentials

Before you pack anything else, get yourself a guidebook. They might seem old-fashioned, but having a guide to the city you’re visiting will really help you find your way around. Look for one with a large and detailed map, plus information on the best places to eat and a section on tourist destinations. There is so much to see in Vegas that having it all listed conveniently will make your break run much more smoothly.

Everyone who goes to Vegas should play a couple of games in the casino, so packing a coin purse is essential. Some of the games that you find will require you to change money for chips, so having a separate compartment in your purse or wallet could be really helpful. For the games that are coin-operated, having a pouch to safely store coins without having to remove your wallet every time will ensure that you don’t become a target for thieves.

Another thing that many people forget about Vegas is that it is basically in the desert. Although all of the resorts will be air-conditioned and will provide you with shade during the hottest parts of the day, when you get out onto the strip in the sunshine it really is very warm indeed. Remember to pack a high factor sunscreen, as well as sunglasses and a hat. It may seem like overkill, but a mini travel fan is exactly the kind of thing that you’ll be really grateful for on those super hot days.

What Kind of Clothing

If you’re traveling with hand luggage only then wear your warm clothes for the flight – Photo

Although, as we’ve just mentioned, Vegas is very warm during the day, you will still be expected to wear proper clothes when visiting restaurants and casinos. Don’t rely on turning up in your swimming gear everywhere! Whilst a t-shirt and jeans will be sufficient for entry into most places, some of the more luxury establishments do honor a smart dress code. If you want to ensure you get to see the most glamorous places that Vegas has to offer then do bring a suit or smart dress with you.

While the days in Vegas are warm, the night temperatures are prone to dropping quite dramatically. Alongside your summer wardrobe you should ensure that you have some warm clothes to sling on of an evening. If you’re traveling with hand luggage only then wear your thicker outer layers on the flight. Airplanes are always air-conditioned, so you shouldn’t be too warm and it will save you a lot of room for other items in your luggage.

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