10 Footwear Trends You’ll See This Spring

When it comes to footwear, no season brings more to the table than spring. The early- year months present opportunities for every style and silhouette, from chic leather booties for late-March days to strappy sandals in early June. Sneakers, boots, heels, slides — they’re all likely to make their appearance in the coming months. With so much variety comes a slew of brand-new trends and styles for you to try. Here are a few that we expect to see all over runways, street and social media feeds this spring.

• Suede Rain Boots — Who says your galoshes have to be made of clunky rubber? New technologies have turned once-fussy materials like suede and leather into waterproof workhorses, so you don’t have to sacrifice style. This season, we’re likely to see plenty of cute rain boots for women, especially waterproof suede styles designed for puddle-jumping, errand-running and brunching with friends whether the weather’s wet or dry. Lean into the enduring bootie trend with an ankle-high style with a subtle heel.
• Lace-Up Heels and Sandals — The dainty lace-up heel trend isn’t one that’s likely to go out of style anytime soon, and we’re okay with that. This sexy option creates eye-catching intrigue from ankle up, giving skirts, dresses and shorts an aesthetic uptick that few other footwear styles are capable of. You can even rock this style with jeans and joggers, especially if you’re fan of tying the laces over the hems of your pants (yes, it’s a very real trend).
• Espadrille Slides — Thanks to their undeniable convenience and comfort, slide sandals are this decade’s go-to slip-on summer shoe. But this season, we’ll see fewer of the standard molded rubber slides and more dialed-up styles, including those with espadrille soles. If you’re in the market for a pair of cute, comfortable flats that you can take with you from spring to summer, go for an espadrille-style slide that’s perfect for the beach, dinner and beyond.
• Chunky Boots — Maybe we were getting a bit ahead of ourselves talking about sandals so soon. The reality is that weather experts predict a chilly, stormy spring for dwellers of the North. That means you’ve got to stay on the cutting-edge of boot styles or risk spending the season cold, wet and miserable. Chunky boots are the name of the game this time around, with lug-sole and combat styles dominating the scene. Pick up a pair of chunky rain boots to give your spring style a fresh yet practical look.

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• Sneaker Boots — With sneakers being an obvious option for daily wear, it’s no surprise that fashion-forward dressers want to continue to be able to rock them when the weather’s wet. White sneakers are tremendously popular, especially among men, so why should you have to stop wearing them when the seasons change? The solution is not to go out in a hailstorm sporting your nicest pair of sneakers. It’s to invest in a pair of sneaker boots that give the same appearance of cool, casual kicks but offer the benefit of waterproof materials and extra protection above the ankle.
• Platform Clogs — We all watched as the internet exploded over Balenciaga’s stiletto Crocs (they only cost $625, by the way), but this year’s trendiest clogs will be far less gimmicky. These comfy, slip-on staples are making a big resurgence, thanks to their relaxed yet dressy potential. Expect to see plenty of heeled and platform clogs to give the basic slip-on a dressier flair.
• Washable Sneakers — Practicality is the footwear trend of the decade, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing tons of washable shoes for women popping onto the scene. The best part about this trend is that shoe brands have finally figured out that you don’t have to sacrifice style for washability. Plenty of cute flats and sneakers can be safely tossed in the wash, and we’re forever grateful. If you want to hop on this bandwagon, make sure to pick a pair labelled “washable” and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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There’s no better time to debut new styles than spring. If you’re looking for a fun, fresh way to break out of your footwear funk, consider revamping your shoe collection with some of the latest and greatest spring styles above!

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