Which US Airlines Have Wi-Fi On Board Their Planes

The whole world is connected to the online realm almost all day every day. We rely on it for so many things and feel a little bit lost when we do not have access. For some people, disconnecting for a couple of hours during a flight is a refreshing break with no pressures to be online and communicative. But for others, it is seen as a waste of time that could potentially be productive. Luckily, a lot of airlines now offer onboard Wi-Fi so you can still use the time as you please.

Freedom to Choose  

Airlines usually offer on-board entertainment for free, but their selection is nothing compared to streaming services. And flight time is such a perfect opportunity to finish that series you’ve been binge-watching. Maybe there is a new album out that you’ve been meaning to listen to but haven’t had the chance yet. If you forget to download it before your flight, then without Wi-Fi, you can’t listen to it. Having Wi-Fi on board also means you can make the most of the best mobile operators for real money casino apps whilst you’re travelling or continue your mobile Spanish lessons. Wi-Fi doesn’t only just give you entertainment freedom; you are also able to stay on that hustle and get your work done. Your time is precious, and time is money, so why waste it whilst flying?

Onboard Wi-Fi Costs

Airlines know that there is a high demand for onboard Wi-Fi, and obviously they are going to be making money from it. Some airlines may give you a certain amount for free, but currently, there is no such thing as free onboard Wi-Fi for everyone. However, this isn’t always the case for those part of airline frequent flyer programs. To give you the low-down on what you can be expecting to pay for onboard Wi-Fi, take a look at what the top US airlines offer.

American Airlines

American Airlines offer GoGo connection on both domestic and international flights. If you’re travelling overseas, you have three options: $12 for 2 hours, $17 for 4 hours or you can pay $19 to get access for the entire flight. If you’re long haul, this seems like the most economical option. If you are staying more local, you only have the option to pay $14 for the entire day. If you use American Airlines regularly, it may be worth splashing $49.95/month for unlimited access. 

United Airlines

United also uses GoGo as their onboard internet provider, and both the $49.95 monthly rate and $14 per day option still stand. But unlike American Airlines, you only have one option, which bills you $5 for one hour of internet access.


GoGo is a US airline favourite, and is also used by Delta along with Viasat. Unlike the other two airlines, you can connect to Delta Wi-Fi for free, but that only allows you to use messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. For anything else, you need to purchase a subscription at $49.95 a month for domestic use only, or $69.95 for complete global access.

You can find free Wi-Fi almost everywhere these days, and maybe at some point airlines will follow that lead. But until then, these are your options when using US airlines. 

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