Travel: Getting around in Las Vegas

Everyone knows what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but when you get there how are you going to get around? Sure you can spend a fortune on cabs, but here are some of the more interesting alternatives to hailing a ride. 

Take a ‘Go City’ Tour

From the Grand Canyon to The Las Vegas Strip, Go City have some of the best ways to check out Sin City without breaking the bank! Choose from an ‘All-Inclusive Pass’ for 2, 3, 4 or 5-day’s, and visit as many Las Vegas attractions as you like, or take it easy and choose a 60 day Las Vegas pass and explore at your own speed.

Hire a Luxury Sports Car

Can you remember when Justin Beiber was caught by the police drag racing a Yellow Lamborghini in Miami? Well, I’m not recommending doing anything as reckless (or illegal) but it is possible and very easy to splash out on a luxury sports car to rent in Las Vegas. You have to be 21, you need your own insurance and they definitely won’t like it if you decide to rip down the Las Vegas strip at 200 mph.

An Orange Lamborghini just like Justin’s will set you back around $800 for 24hrs rental. I know it’s not the cheapest way to get about, but it will certainly turn a few heads. You could even try to blag a free one (like Justin), simply buy 50000 Instagram followers from a Russian spammer for $50 and tell the rental dealership you’ll give them a mention. I can’t guarantee it will work, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get. 

Motorised Scooter

I know what you’re thinking… a motorised scooter? The fact is more and more younger people are using them to get around the vast casinos and hotels in Las Vegas and according to Marcel Maritz of Active Mobility, 5% of his rentals now come from able-bodied people. The batteries last for ages (like these batteries for mobility scooters from Pro Rider Mobility) and you can keep your coins in the basket at the front.

Ok, so it might not be quite as cool as a Ferrari or Limo, but it will get you around quickly and easily between slot machines and the great thing about Las Vegas is that most of it is wheelchair friendly (older folk spend the most money). You can get from sidewalk to hotel to restaurant without breaking a sweat (or braking).

The Mono Rail

Built at huge expense, the Las Vegas Monorail opened in 1995 and connects several of the major hotels and casinos on its 3.9mile length. The 7 station, 9 train system is used by over 13,000 people every day and runs every 10 mins from 8am to 4am. It cost $5 for one journey, but if you are short of cash, there are also 3 trams that run on the west side of the strip which are free of charge. 


Ok, so out of all the options here walking is definitely the cheapest. It’s also the healthiest and you could burn enough calories walking from Binions Casino in the older side of town to the Wynne on the strip to enjoy a well-deserved steak when you get there. With this being Las Vegas the Hotels do try and help you out a bit and there are lots of moving walkways and escalators to keep you moving (and spending) like a Las Vegas Pro!

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