How To Find The Perfect Engagement Ring Without Breaking The Bank 

So, you’re certain she’s the one for you. You’ve met her family, you love everything, and you’re ready to move forward to the next stage. Your best bet now is to plan how you’ll propose, and of course, you need the perfect engagement ring for it. 

Finding the ring of her dreams is relatively easy if budget isn’t an issue. If you live in Australia and want something special, have a look at wedding rings Melbourne. However, if your goal is not to break the bank while searching, you’ll need to exert extra time and effort to end up with the best choice. It might sound tedious, and maybe it is. But with a few tips and tricks, you could very well achieve your goal of finding the perfect engagement ring to go with the marriage proposal without going over your budget. 

Set your budget 

If you’ve never shopped for an engagement ring before, it’s possible you don’t have any idea as to how much these rings usually cost. Setting a budget is essential to ensure you won’t be spending more than you’ve planned. Sure, you may have your savings, but it doesn’t mean you can spend a big chunk of it on the ring alone. Remember, you still need to worry about expenses related to your soon-to-be wedding after the proposal.

It might be helpful to ask around first or go online and check how much engagement rings typically cost. Do you prefer natural diamonds? If yes, you should be prepared to shell out a significant amount for the stone alone. Suppose you’re looking for an economical option without sacrificing design, quality, and your partner’s satisfaction. In that case, you can go for lab created diamonds that are cheaper but with the same sparkle and brilliance as the mined ones.

When you already know the usual asking prices for these stones, you can now figure out an amount that you’re willing to spend for the engagement ring. Try your best to find something that falls within your limit and definitely not over it. It also helps to inform your jeweler of the price you have in mind so they can work with you in finding the perfect ring without going overboard with the price tag. 

Understand the 4 Cs of diamonds 

Most ring shoppers make the mistake of choosing a larger diamond instead of focusing on the 4 Cs of diamond shopping. They don’t know that if you can fully understand the global standards of quality diamonds, you can end up paying for your money’s worth, and isn’t that still a definition of not breaking the bank?

When you consider the stone’s carat weight, cut, clarity, and color, there’s no way you’ll be wasting your money. If you can choose the right diamond cut that’ll bring out the gem’s sparkle and brilliance, you don’t need to go for a bigger size. The quality is what matters the most. You may pick a small diamond, but if it’s the right cut and quality, it sparkles even better than bigger but low-quality ones.

It’s recommended to go for the top diamond cuts in engagement rings to ensure you’re making the right choice. The most popular cut is probably the brilliant round diamond. If you don’t feel like going for that one, you can still opt for the cushion cut diamond, or maybe the princess cut. You might want to consider your future wife’s personality and taste so it’ll be easier for you to decide on a diamond cut.

Take your own sweet time 

Decisions as important as choosing the perfect engagement ring take time. That said, it pays to give yourself enough time to make sure you won’t be cramming or rushing as you go shopping. Ideally, you want to decide at your own pace and not because you’re proposing tonight and you badly need the ring already. 

Starting early is vital if you want to pick a ring that suits your budget. This tip doesn’t only apply when you’re about to look for the perfect ring. It’s also a smart move to start saving for the ring as early as you can. Doing so won’t let you take out a portion of your savings. When you’ve set aside a considerable amount for your dream proposal, you can be more flexible with your options as you have an allotted budget for it.

The bottom line 

Having the perfect engagement ring is crucial when you’re about to propose. You can’t get down on one knee and ask for your loved one’s hand in marriage without offering something that deeply symbolizes the gesture. That’s why you should start saving up for the ring as early as you can.  

Setting your budget is helpful so you won’t go overboard when it’s time to shop for the ring. Lastly, understand the 4 Cs of diamonds to make a more informed decision. 

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