Fashion Hats for Big Heads in 2022

Today, wearing a hat is a fashion statement. You’ll notice beanie hats and fedoras coloring the walkways of major fashion events. You can get a hat for any head size, every occasion, and any color that matches your taste. Both male and female hats for big heads are customizable to fit your head size.

Hats Worn at Fashion Events in 2022

Celebrities and models took to the stage to showcase the newest trends. At Paris Fashion Week, Headgear Galore featured major showcases of berets, fedoras, and beanies. They included limited-edition designs for their clothing lines, with hats being a noticeable accessory.

At London Fashion Week, hats were not left off the runway. Feathers, fringes, and denim were the talk of the town, with major fashion houses picking them to accessorize their models. Baseball caps, beanies, and Panama hats could be seen in plenty. Even bucket hats have made a major comeback.

Lastly, one accessory that couldn’t be missed at New York Fashion Week was hats. Models wore denim berets, wool bonnets, and fedoras in plenty. The trend is on now. If you have a big head and struggle to find a fashionable hat, below are some options that will help you get what you are looking for. 

Hats for Big Heads

While many hats are made for a general fit, getting a hat that fits a big head is challenging. General-fit “one size fits all” hats won’t fit heads with a 25-inch circumference. Most of these hats range from 20–23 inches in maximum circumference.

Some online shops allow you to select your hat based on size, occasion, material, or color. Hats can be made from exotic skin (like rattlesnake skin), leather, or fabric/mesh. Many have headgear that is produced right here in the US, giving them a priority on quality and happy customers. Each hat is handcrafted to maintain quality and high standards, unlike many mass-produced hats on the market.

You can find a range of different colors of hats that are black, blood orange, blue-green, brown, gray, pink, white, red, tan, and pink. Hats can also be multi-color and have bands with custom prints like dragons, skulls, lovely laces, etc. Occasionally you can choose a custom band for your hat to feature your personality.

Many shops have hats that are made to fit a range of head sizes. Some product lines have different designs featuring quality hats for small, medium, and large heads. Male and female hats for big heads can be found at friendly pricing. 

Female Hats for Big Heads

Some women love wearing a hat to stand out. You want to be the queen in the room, and what’s better than a crown on your head? A good hat matches your face, compliments your clothing, and lets the lights focus on you.

Some shops like American Hat Makers will produce female hats for big heads that will not only fit your head size, but complete your classic look. Be it a party dress, brunch with friends, or that beach stroll-a hat is available for any occasion.

You may have encountered the problem of having a few hats to choose from, especially for a big head. Shops that ensure their hats have selections you can match with any occasion can be difficult, but not impossible.

You’ll want to find hats that are unique in design and made from high-quality material. Having a hat that is durable and accessorized is a must-have investment for your closet. Never again shall you wear a dinner hat to the tea party!

Men’s Hats for Big Heads

The majority of men have considerably bigger heads compared to women. While the standard size for a man’s head is 22–23 inches in circumference, getting a larger size than that is harder. The one-size-fits-all extremes reach 22.5 inches, making it not a suitable option for men with big heads.

Some shops manufacture men’s hats for big heads up to 25 ⅝ inches. This size is more than 3 inches larger than the average head size. It means you will have a size regardless of your head size. There are hats up to three times the standard size of the average 

Men’s hats for big heads can come in colors like black, blue-green, brown, red, tan, and white. Hat sizes and colors can be made from either exotic skin (rattlesnake), leather, or mesh/fabric, the dealer’s choice.

Selecting a Hat for a Big Head

Your hat selection process can be easier than you think with proper guidance. You only need to know your head size, the preferred color, and the function for which you wish to wear the hat. Are you attending a wedding, or do you want to have sun proofing in style at the beach? At American Hat Makers, there is a wide range of hats for big heads to suit each occasion perfectly.

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