Cutting The Stress Out Of Travel Planning

Planning a trip away shouldn’t be all that stressful; vacations are all about hitting the beach while looking your best, and getting a suntan and kicking back drinks surrounded by your friends. 

They’re supposed to be relaxing, and a lot of fun, and a reward for everything you’ve had to deal with in the run up to the early morning flight that brought you out to your destination. And yet, we can all feel hard done by, and tear our hair out, when it comes to the planning portion of the trip! 

Sure, we’ve touched on this topic before, but we could also go a little further in trying to help 

you out on your travel planning journey. After all, we live in strange times, and we don’t want to add another heaping pile of stress and pressure on top! 

So, without further ado, here are a few more key ways to cut the stress out of your travel planning. Whether you’ll be off on vacation as soon as possible, or you’re currently saving up for a big, blow out trip, these tips could apply to you. 

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Take an Extra Day

An extra day is something we should always be planning for, in order to cut most of the stress out of vacation planning. You won’t be rushing this way, and you won’t have to go straight back to work when the trip is over – you’ll have a day to relax and settle back into things, and to actually unpack and make sure that suitcase doesn’t sit in the corner for months like usual! 

Of course, taking an extra day can play havoc with your normal schedule, but it can be a lot easier than you might think to factor it in. For example, drive up to the airport the day before you’re supposed to take the flight, and stay in the airport hotel or one nearby. That way you’ve got a buffer; if it’s an early morning flight, you won’t have to get up ridiculously early. If it’s a late night flight, you won’t be spending the whole day in a limbo of indecision, because you’ll already be nearby, and have a few hours to yourself! 

Never Walk Too Far

One of the most stressful parts of the vacation experience, both in planning and in practice, can be just how far you’ll have to walk when you’re away and supposed to be enjoying yourself. And unless you’re a big fan of taking a hike here and there, or you’re specifically going on a walking vacation or tour to get back to nature, you’re not going to want to stretch your legs behind their means. For example, if you’re going to be away for at least a week, you don’t want to be walking back and forth that whole time! 

Instead, you’re going to want to research some travel options available to you. Obviously you’ve got the flights or the trains booked, but what about the little commutes you’re going to have to do each and every day? Let’s start with how you’re going to get from the airport to your destination; it’d be better to book a service like FAT TAXI, rather than try to flag a vehicle down when every other traveller is attempting to do the same. 

You’re also going to want to look into coach options, as well as local buses and their regualr stops. If you learn a little of the language, it won’t be hard to walk onto a bus and ask for the exact ticket you need! Be sure to look out for subway options as well, and get a map of the underground ready to go ahead of time – it can be confusing down there, but it’ll save you a lot of time, and a lot of energy! 

Use an App to Select the Sights

There are a lot of apps on the market these days, and a good percentage of them are to do with travel and making it easier to cope with. You have packing checklist apps, as well as map planners that show you were all the nearest gas stations are if you’re on a road trip, and of course, you have apps that show you flight deals and automatically scan for cheaper tickets. 

But the range of travel apps doesn’t end there in ensuring your trip is as stress free as possible! 

Apps like LuckyTrip take your budget, and the kind of activities you want to get up to, and then give you a destination to visit and a whole list of things to do while you’re there. They’ll show you a selection of hotels that fit into your budget, and you can have your pick of the crop here! So why not download an app like this, if you’re not sure about where to head, what to do, or how to make sure everyone in your travel party will be happy with what you get up to? 

Learn How to Pack Light!

And finally, make sure you actually know how to pack light. You don’t want to be dragging a heavy suitcase everywhere you go, and you certainly don’t want a backpack on your shoulder that’s heavier than a bunch of rocks. 

Learn how to fold and roll your clothes, to ensure they’re dense and don’t take up much space. And you never need as many clothes as you think! You can always wash your items, at a nearby laundrette, or via the laundry cycle in the hotel you’re staying at, etc. At the same time, make sure you don’t pack too many devices – your phone and its charger, as well as international plug, should tide you over. 

Planning a trip away can be a lot of stress, and sometimes, you might even think about cancelling the trip altogether! But you can always cut the stress out, so take note of the tips and tricks we’ve included above; put them to good use! 

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