Your Wardrobe’s New Secret Weapon: The Luxury Suit Hanger

Your clothes spend more time in your wardrobe than they do on your person. And more often than not, they are resting on hangers sometimes for months or even years on end. However, if your clothes are hanging on cheap, thin wire hangers, they will get damaged. It’s not a matter of if – but when.

Wire hangers cause puckered shoulders on your suit jackets, shirts, or even coats. They also re-shape hand-padded expensive garment shoulders negatively and eventually ruin your clothes inside your closet.

Unfortunately, most people often leave their clothes on those flimsy dry-cleaner wire hangers for longer than they should. They can make your wardrobe look like a hot mess, and leaving your clothes on them for too long can damage your favorite pieces. Sometimes you have to wrap them in old fabric like a torn t-short to protect your clothes from the sharp edges.

A luxury suit hanger is a closet essential that men need to protect their attires and organize their wardrobes. Here’s why.

Disadvantages of Using Cheaper Hanger Options

Hanger designs should mimic the shape of your shoulders, such that when you are not wearing your suit, the hanger can help maintain their natural, just-off the-mannequin look.

However, the wire triangles that your dry cleaning comes back on do not fit that bill. Some of their disadvantages include:

  • They are too thin and can cause awkward stretch marks on clothes.
  • Wire hangers are flimsy and bend over time, which causes unsightly bunch-ups in your closet, and your expensive clothing to hang at funny angles.
  • Metal hangers can rust when exposed to moisture in the air. They can then transfer the rust to your garments and ruin the fabric.
  • Your clothes can slip off of the hangers, which proves inconvenient.
  • Wire hangers can result in a messy wardrobe and make it challenging to find what you want quickly.
  • The hook of the hanger and the part where it twists around it can snag your garment, causing irreparable damage.

If you wish to protect your clothes, your best choice is investing in luxury suit hangers that keep your clothes in excellent condition inside your wardrobe.

Advantages of Luxury Suit Hangers 

The design and make of Luxury suit hangers provide users with the ultimate garment care. The manufactures make these hangers using the finest materials and finishes. The craftsmanship uses solid Grade “A” Beechwood imported from Germany and is recognized as the best wood for hangers. Below are some of the benefits of luxury suit hangers.

1) Luxury Suit Hangers are Durable

Metal wire and plastic hangers have a shorter lifespan than wood. Over time, they will sag and stretch the fabric of your clothes. Dry cleaners primarily use wire hangers because they are cheap, but they are not suitable for everyday use. The sturdiness of wooden luxury hangers is particularly essential for heavier clothes such as three-piece suits or winter coats.

Despite being more expensive, wood usually pays off in the long term. It can maintain its integrity for years and rarely needs replacements, provided you use the hangers correctly.

2) They Extend the lifespan of Your Outfits

The craftsmanship of luxury suit hangers is top-notch and deliberately uses premium woods to protect your clothing and extend their lifespan. They are correctly sized, provide opulent shoulder support, and don’t damage your clothes. Over the lifetime of your wardrobe, wooden hangers can save you a lot of money in ruined garments.

3) The Hanger Design and Style Supports Any Type of Suit

Premium wooden hangers are gender-specific by design because men and women have different wardrobes, as well as body shape and size. You can use a proper suit hanger to hang a matching jacket and dress pant set. It should offer support to protect the tailored shoulder drape and construction. The hanger is also fully contoured and has a broader shoulder flare for optimal support.

The trouser bar is flocked or felted to prevent creasing caused by ordinary locking bars. As for the width, the hanger extends up to where the shoulders meet the sleeves. The right width is especially essential for people with broad shoulders because the weight of a large suit jacket distributed on a small-sized hanger will destroy its drape.

The Bottom Line

You should not have to replace your hangers regularly because they bend or break. With luxury suit hangers, the only time you will require new ones is if you purchase more suits to hang in your wardrobe. 

Wooden hangers are an excellent choice for people who wish to care for an expensive closet. Luxury wooden hangers are durable, support the style and design of your suits, and maintain their lifespan.

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