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When it comes to finding your dream partner, you can leave it up to chance, of course you can. But really… how’s that working out for you? Whether you’re continually failing at Tinder, or you’re just bored of meeting idiots on nights out, maybe it’s time to get a little more strategic. Of course, finding people based on your interests is a great place to start. But what if your dream partner was literally written in the stars?

Finding The One

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People have been relying on horoscopes to help them find their way in life for years. You don’t have to believe in voodoo or witches or magic to get on board with the signs of the Zodiac… You just have to be open minded enough to give them a chance.

The Signs Of The Zodiac

There are 12 different signs of the Zodiac, and the one that you belong to depends on the exact day and month you were born. They each belong to one of four elemental signs; air, water, fire and earth, said to influence the 12 different ones.

But what does the date you were born have to do with dating itself?!

Star Signs Affect Who We Are

Fans of this kind of thing have probably already asked you what star sign you are, and that’s because there’s a revival in the zodiac signs. These people may seem a little weird to you, but in actual fact, there may be something in what they’re trying to say! When they’re asking you, they’re really trying to suss out what kind of traits you might posess. In all honesty, there’s no scientific evidence, but there does seem to be certain trends which come up again and again between people born at certain times.

In terms of dating, these might predict what a future partner will be like, and in turn, your compatibility with them. To show you just one twelfth of the ways this can be done, The Circle have profiled the typical Capricorn man.

It’s fascinating. By knowing what to expect, you might be able to figure out what he’s like at work, at home, with his family… basically all areas of his life… without having to mess around wasting time with someone who’ll turn out all wrong for you anyway!

Can Horoscopes Help You?

Horoscopes are basically about celestial occurrences and the alignment of stars and planets and so on. It’s super confusing; and the fact that the study of astrology dates back to around 3 million years BC means it is really bound to be, because that’s literally lifetimes and more to wrap your head around.

“Star” (CC BY 2.0) by Kiwi Tom

The cosmos can’t tell you everything you need to know about your love life and your future happiness; but they won’t hurt you, either. They’re no more or less likely to work than the latest app – so what have you got to lose? Read up and who knows? You might find it works. If not, you can always have a little fun.

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