2016 Cosmetic Predictions: From Makeup to Plastic Surgery

2016 Cosmetic Predictions: From Makeup to Plastic Surgery

Now that the holiday rush is over, it’s time to start thinking about 2016 and how you can bring your appearance up to the minute. Updating your look is a great way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to take on a new year. Here’s a little preview of what’s on the beauty and style horizon.


A quick perusal of the spring lines reveals a few noteworthy makeup trends worth trying. For eyes, fun hues of electric blue have recently showed up on the catwalks of several top designers, according to Harper’s Bazaar. For a softer, more feminine approach, consider a pretty pink lid instead.

By varying your application technique, you can create creamy look or a sheer hint of color by repurposing your blush. Try adding a mixing medium for a more pigmented look.
Bold colors will still be in for lips, ranging from the moodier browns and marsalas that were popular through the fall to lighter pastels and purples for spring.

2016 Cosmetic Predictions: From Makeup to Plastic Surgery

For skin in general, the spring shows featured 2 competing aesthetics, so take your pick: a bronzed, beachy summer look or scrubbed minimalism. Stylists say the scrubbed look works best with a bold lip for a youthful appeal, so keep the cheeks free of foundation and just apply concealer to any blemishes. If you want to embrace the bronze, be sure to do it using makeup and other products — not the sun — to maintain your youthful glow for as long as possible.

Hair &Nails

Hair accessories may have a moment in 2016, so bring on the sparkly headbands! For affordable, one-of-a-kind pieces, Etsy offers a huge selection of barrettes, headbands, bows, and Gatsby-esque headpieces that can turn a simple style into a very editorial look.

As far as haircuts go, it may be time for a  bold chop, according to Elle. Bangs of varying lengths and interesting, shaved sides are a great way to show off some personality if you’re feeling brave. If you want to keep your length, twisted ponies, undone buns, and other effortless silhouettes are a timeless option that we’ll continue to see a lot of.
For nails, variations on the French manicure are a modern option that are relatively easy to do at home. Swap the white for another color of your choice, get out your tape, and you’ve got a cool new accessory at the tip of your fingers.

2016 Cosmetic Predictions: From Makeup to Plastic Surgery

Nips & Tucks

If you are interested in a little more than just a salon makeover, consider some of the latest trends in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments.
According to RealSelf, a popular online forum for plastic surgeons and patients, one of the biggest trends for 2016 will be smaller breast implants. Augmentation procedures are perennially very popular in the U.S., but lately, women have been going for a more “natural” look, rather than the centerfold look of days gone by. According to the website All About Breast Augmentation, created by an Albany plastic surgery group, “Going too big has its drawbacks. … If an implant is too large, it can make the breast look unnatural. Adding an implant that is too large can put more stress on the skin and possibly accelerate sagging.”

If your concerns are north of the the breasts, treatments for double chin fat are a hot item, the doctors of RealSelf say. In 2015, two new non-surgical procedures came out to reduce fat in this area — an injection called KYBELLA® and a fat-freezing CoolSculpting® applicator that works on the neck and chin. Both are good alternatives to liposuction and can make a big improvement on a person’s profile with relatively little downtime.

A less expected trend predicted in the RealSelf survey was an uptick in vaginal rejuvenation. Some new procedures such as ThermiVa® have come out in recent years that use various forms of energy to stimulate collagen growth and tighten vaginal and labial structures – inside and out. In some cases, the treatments can even help with incontinence and boost sexual sensitivity, in addition to providing cosmetic benefits. With a wave of FDA approvals and an ever-increasing acceptance of plastic surgery, numbers are only like to keep climbing.

What else do you think will be the next big thing for 2016?