The Most Common Men’s Fashion Blunders

Everybody makes a fashion faux pas from time to time but some people are worse offenders than others.

Some people can’t make it through the day without making fatal fashion mistakes. Men’s fashion is often thought to be very simple but that’s not the case at all. There are thousands of ways that you can get it completely wrong and some of them are pretty common. If you’re finding that your outfits are always falling flat, you might be making one of these mistakes.

Short Shorts

Image From Flickr
There’s nothing worse than being on the beach and seeing somebody wearing a pair of tiny shorts that show off way too much. So many men watched Daniel Craig in James Bond movies, strutting along the beach in his tight shorts and thought that they’d look exactly the same if they got themselves a pair. You won’t. When you’re on the beach, go for a pair of Men’s Board Shorts instead. They’re much more flattering and you won’t give anybody an unwanted surprise. The range is big enough that everybody should be able to find something that suits, just steer well clear of those tiny beach shorts.

Expensive Equals Fashionable

So many men realize that they’ve got terrible fashion sense and they try to rectify the problem by getting a whole new wardrobe. That’s a fine idea if you buy sensibly but lots of the time they don’t. The biggest misconception is that if they buy expensive designer clothes, they’ll automatically look great. Middle aged men are the biggest offenders when it comes to this but most of the time they end up looking like they’re desperately trying to make themselves look young. Just because something is expensive, it doesn’t mean it suits you, it’s far better to go for something cheaper that’s actually your style.

Black Shoes Work With Everything

Image From Pixabay

If only this were true it would make life so much easier. One pair of shoes that you could match with any outfit when you’re in a rush. Unfortunately, it isn’t true. Black shoes do go with a lot of stuff but men often end up looking silly because they just put black shoes with anything. Luckily, there are a pair of shoes that is pretty much universal but it’s not black. A pair of medium brown brogues is a much safer choice.

Boot Cut Jeans

Navigating the minefield of jean styles can be difficult and lots of people get it wrong. The biggest error is wearing boot cut jeans to make your legs look bigger. It doesn’t work and boot cut always looks scruffy. If you want to make yourself look stylish, go for a straight cut instead, It looks much tidier. Skinny jeans can work if you’ve got the right body shape but they should only be worn by people with smaller legs, otherwise, it’ll just look like you’re too big for your trousers.

It’s all too easy to make any of these fashion blunders so don’t feel bad about it, just get it sorted straight away.