The Jean Trend Cycle – the 80s Are Back

Jeans have a timeless quality. They are worn by virtually everyone. No matter which country you are in, I guarantee that you will come across someone wearing a pair of jeans.

When they were first introduced, nearly a hundred and fifty years ago, they were worn only for work. However, that started to change in the 1950s when films like A Rebel Without a Cause led to teenagers wearing them as casual wear. Within two decades, virtually everyone was wearing them. Today, they are a wardrobe staple.

Interestingly, it is retro jeans that are proving most popular. You regularly see retailers tapping into the past and selling the jean cuts of yesteryear to a whole new generation.

Old brands are being given a new lease of life

This is certainly the case at the moment. Right now, it is the jeans styles that were worn in the 1980s that are available again. Jean brands, like Pierre Cardin that virtually disappeared from shopping malls, have been given a new lease of life by this trend.

Goodbye to skinny jeans

Given the fact that for many years we have been wearing mainly skinny jeans it is a little surprising to see the baggier cuts proving to be the most popular. Currently, high-waisted straight cut jeans are selling particularly well. They are far more comfortable, and male models such as Simon Nessman can be seen wearing them.

However, if you do like close fitting jeans they are still available. It is just that they are highly likely to be made from distressed denim.

Stone washed jeans on the way back in

It is also interesting to see some of the denim finishes that were popular in the 80s coming back into vogue. During the late 80s and early 90s, stonewashed denim was particularly popular, the whiter the better. This autumn, a few retailers are offering something similar.

Denim on denim

For the colder months, there is a good chance you will start to see more people dressed in layers of denim. It is a relatively warm fabric that is thick enough to offer a reasonable level of wind resistance, which makes it a great option for the winter. Clearly, a lot of retailers realise this, so are stocking a good range of denim shirts and jackets as well as jeans.

Printed Denim

Another 80s trend we are starting to see return is the wearing of printed denim. Right now print denim jeans, shirts and jackets are becoming more widely available. Jacquard patterns are particularly popular.

How to sell your old 1980s jeans

Interestingly, there is also growing demand for original 1980s jeans. Over the past decade or so, the cost of retro clothing has risen steadily. This is partly thanks to websites like eBay who have made it easy for people to sell their old clothes. In fact, there are private individuals out there who make quite a bit of extra cash buying and re-selling retro jeans. You can find out how to do the same or sell your old jeans from this article.