Casino Attire Throughout the Years

Years ago we used to dress to impress. Just take a look at the original Ocean’s 11 film and you’ll see a cast of well-dressed casino patrons in suits and otherwise fancy attire. A night out in Vegas was a lavish night of elegance to remember. People dressed to turn heads.

Flash forward to the present day. Take a look at films like The Hangover, and you’ll find the general look of casino attire has taken a turn (some might even say for the worst!). Flip flops, t-shirts, shorts, you name it.

So is it that dress codes have deteriorated? Has the casino industry changed? Today, most people trying to keep up with the times sometimes allow themselves to have fun playing at casino no verification UK. Or is that the casino culture as a whole has evolved? It’s true that today’s generation is much more casual. A night out at the movies involves as much dressing up as a movie night at home, when back in the day the cinema was a place of elegance and fashion.

Changes in Casino Dress Codes

In the 1950’s, when Las Vegas was glamorous and attracted the top entertainers from all around the world, glitz and glam were synonyms of the dress code.

A few decades later, during the over-the-top 1980’s, was the time of huge hair, shoulder pads, skin tight pants and oversized blazers. This was the decade of go big of go home!

The 1990’s perhaps marked the beginning of the decline of fashion and glam in casinos, with the lavishness of the prior decades seeming to have receded.

What about today?

Anyone can see that the bow ties and James Bond-esque suits are no longer a staple of modern day casinos. What will greet you at a casino today is someone that is more reminiscent of Alan from The Hangover, with a fanny pack, baseball cap and stained graphic t-shirt.

Gambling and high fashion no longer go hand in hand. Stiletto heels and diamond necklaces have been replaced by low-key trainers and casual wear. You can respectably wear the same clothing when gambling at one of the best online casinos from the comfort of your own as you can when sitting at the poker table in Vegas.

At the end of the day, freedom is probably the world that best sums up today’s casino attire. However, just because the dress code has relaxed and comfort often reigns over style, no one is stopping you from getting on your high heels or dusting off your suit the next time you decide to go gambling!