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When Willem from Seamore ordered the seaweed salad at Bambuddha, a restaurant on the Balleric Island of Ibiza in the Summer of 2013, little did he know it was about to change his life.

The Tagliatelle, called ‘Himanthalia’ was picked straight from the rocks and was nicknamed ‘Sea Spaghetti’. It inspired him so much he set about creating a business around it. Fast-forward to 2016 and the ‘ISea Pasta’ brand launches in Germany, Belgium, Australia. It’s now available in the UK and a packet has just landed on my doormat.

The company have big plans – they see it as a viable and nutritious alternative to regular pasta, it’s packed full of healthy stuff and you can also soak it in water for 45 mins to use fresh in salads too.

The bag I received came with a booklet full of yummy recipes, everything from ‘I SEA Miso soup’ to ‘I Sea Quiche’ and ‘I Sea Chocolate’. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet – they advise to use half-seaweed, half-pasta to start, but I’m going the whole hog and can’t wait to taste it.

How cool is this wild organic seaweed tagliatelle! #foodporn #food #pasta

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Willem certainly isn’t hasn’t resting on his laurels, he’s since invented Seaweed Bacon and coming up next on the horizon is ‘I Sea Bread’, a seaweed infused Ciabatta. The world will never be the same…..

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