Film Preview: Captain America

There seems to be a whole lot of superhero activity happening at the moment. Besides the upcoming Justice League movie we have The Green Hornet, Thor, Judge Dread and someone not seen on the big screen since 1992 Captain America.

The latest version of Captain America has been described by Director Joe Johnston as ‘a classic adventure love story with an edge’, and takes cues from his favourite film Raiders of the lost Ark.

Visually, it looks to have taken it’s style from the recent Batman and Watchmen movies, with dark shadows and moody music the order of the day again so all the signs are promising.

For those people not familiar with the comic, Captain America is(was) Steve Rogers, a frail young man given a Super-Soldier Serum and “Vita-Ray” treatment to transform into a “perfect” specimen of human development and conditioning. His job, to do battle against evil Nazi’s (are there any other kind?) to aid the American War effort in WW2.

Chris Evans, recently seen on the screen as the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four films plays Captain America, and Matrix baddy Hugo Weaving stars as Nazi villain, ‘The Red Skull’. (If you watch carefully you might catch a glimpse of Robert Downey JR too).

The film follows the trend of recent Marvel and DC Comicsproductions in creating a ‘dark’, and more visually dynamic version of the characters to the screen. Let’s hope it is better than the 1990 version of Captain America starring Matt Salinger that was REALLY bad and on a good day has an average rotten tomatoes rating of 20%.

If it looks half as good as the trailer (below), we could be in for a treat! (Thanks Ian!)
Captain America is released in July this year.

Buy a prop from the film
Before then, if you re a fan of movie memorabilia there is a great chance to snap up some wonderful props from the film before it is even released. In this case over 50 vehicles used in the filming of Captain America will be up for sale at auction on the 3rd March at Brooklands Motoring Museum in Weybridge(more info here).

All are classics from the era and include a 1942 Chevrolet Gillig School/Tour Bus, a 1933 Dodge Tow Truck and a WWII Dodge Military Ambulance. Imagine how cool it would be to turn up at your next comic book convention in an original vehicle from the movie? You may have to take your (Rich) Dad with you as they won’t be as cheap as the Car Auction on the Old Kent Road. Click on the thumbnails to see some of the vehicles.

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