Ian Garland – BOTW #3

Wow, what can I say about last week’s choice, Anna Calvi? She’s all over the place, it seems everyone wants a piece of Calvi and her debut album’s flying off the shelves (and digital ones).

That was last week, wait till ya getta load of these……

Two Wounded BirdsTwo Wounded Birds
If you consider yourself to be, well lets say, ‘in vogue’ at the moment I’m sure you’ll be fully aware that The ’50s are very much the in thing right now.

Just step into any of the trendy London suburbs and within minutes you would’ve passed a beatnik or someone sporting a Christian Dior dress, there’s no such thing now as a second hand clothing shop, they’re now vintage clothing or retro, just head down to Brick Lane in the east end.

Musicians; you have Paloma Faith, Imelda May and your Eliza Doolittles of this world strutting their stuff and bands such as Best Coast and The Drums surfing it up like it’s 1959.

All the mentioned are very good but I think they’re slightly lacking the depth and atmosphere that Two Wounded Birds – an unsigned band from Margate (south east England) – have produced in what is their beguiling debut EP, aptly titled “Keep Dreaming Baby“.

Two Wounded Birds are surf pop but don’t think …”My god, it’s still January, can I really handle sun kissed melodies right now?” The only sun you get with this is a hazy one, in fact the EP is dark, brooding and melancholy but totally infectious that’s gonna get right under your skin.

The 5 track, ‘Keep Dreaming Baby’, is available now and is the first release on Drums’ guitarist, Jacob Graham’s Holiday Friends label.

This track is the enchanting, My Lonesome …check it out!

Pop F@ct
Just as Ian Brown and Noel Gallagher were calling it a rap at the end of the shoot for the Keep What Ya Got video, an armed robbery was taking place just at the end of the street from where they were filming …..F@ct![contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

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