5 Ways To Feel Good Today

We all have those days when we can feel ourselves struggling. There may be nothing specifically wrong, but we are not our usual selves. On days like these it can be difficult to pinpoint the problem, so instead of dwelling too much on it, we would suggest that you try a few of these ideas, here are 5 ways to feel good today. 

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Get outdoors

Sometimes all that we need to do is to take a break from our normal routines, step away from our screens and get some fresh air. This is a really simple fix and it will cost you nothing at all.

You could go for a long walk with your dog, you could hike through your local forest or perhaps jog on the beach. Whilst you are out and about, do your best to be present in the moment. Avoid looking at your phone, breathe in the air and pay attention to your surroundings. 

Treat yourself to ‘your thing’ 

This one is a quick and easy pick me up.  We all have that something that we love to buy, that makes us feel good about ourselves. Everyone has their own ‘thing’. For some it might be mens designer watches, for some it might be handbags and for others it might be wearing the latest fragrance. 

This will be something that is very personal to you, and it will be something that never fails to give you a confidence boost and put a smile on your face. 

Spend time with loved ones

Go and visit your best friend or your beloved relative and your mood will brighten. Spending time with your loved ones will be relaxing as you can be yourself and you can share any woes with them. 

You will find yourself smiling and laughing when you are with your favourite people in the world and you will feel that weight lift from your shoulders. 

Visit your favourite place

When you need a pick me up, go and visit your favourite place. This might be somewhere very specific, like your favourite coffee shop or a woodland that you love, or it might be more about immersing yourself in something that makes you happy, like spending an hour browsing in a bookshop or surrounding yourself with contemporary art

This activity will help to ground you, to allow you to be completely yourself and it will leave you feeling happy. 

Be kind

Nothing spreads more happiness and comfort than being kind. You will brighten people’s day, you might make a stranger smile or you could support a loved one. 

It is very easy to be kind and the bonus here is that being kind to someone else not only boosts them but it makes you feel good about yourself too. It really is a win-win situation.

You might donate groceries to the food bank, you might help a parent out on the school run or you could drop a gift round to a friend. There are endless possibilities here, and if you are looking for inspiration, here are plenty of kindness ideas for you. 

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