Food: Tempted by Tempeh Soya

Despite what is happening all over the world at the moment in my mind, life carries on as normal. Last week I was able to try out some new plant based protein called Plant Power Tempeh (pronounced tem-pay) made from soya beans and, guess what? It was really good!

I have to be honest – I’m not a vegetarian, never mind vegan, but I have cut down on my meat intake in recent times and I made 3 really great meals using Plant Power Tempeh as a sort of meat substitute. The beans are really low in fat and a great source of protein and fibre, they are also organic too.

Left: Tempeh Pieces Stir-Fry / Right: Original Tempeh Risotto
Veggie Ribz

My favourite were the Curry Flavoured Tempeh pieces, but as you can see from my pics they can be used in a variety of ways including curries, stir-frys and salads etc, etc.

The Plant Power Original Tempeh block retails from £2.75 and is available to buy in Sainsburys and other good outlets.

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For the sake of transaprency the Plant Power Tempeh samples were sent to me free of charge, but all thoughts are definitely my own.