Casey Bowers

I'm a writer who knows more about music, film, and pop culture than I do about load bearing walls, stabilized population growth, or animal husbandry.

‘Untitled’ by Casey Bowers

I did everything to avoid this. Convinced myself it didn’t matter – my voice didn’t matter.  Made excuse after excuse: It was too late….

Festival Review: Forecastle 2018

There were lot of great sets filled with tremendous surprises and minor disappointments, but ultimately Forecastle 2018 delivered another wonderful best-in-class festival experience. Everything…

Forecastle 2018 Preview

Ahoy! Forecastle is back, or rather, Flush The Fashion is back at Forecastle!   Are you excited yet? Who’s excited? Photo courtesy of Harry Acosta…

Live Review: The New Pornographers

The big 3 of the band (now an 8-piece), A.C. Newman, Neko Case, and Dan Bejar have all come to prominence and gained further acclaim as successful solo acts, and either gotten married, had kids, or been stricken by other serious life stuff.