June, 2014

Big Red Pizza Bus Review

Food Review: The Big Red Pizza Bus, Deptford London

The Mighty Red pizza is a glorious meat fest; pepperoni, salami, pancetta and ham with chilli and two cheeses (cheddar and mozzarella). A bold and hearty pizza which Him Indoors particularly enjoyed, as a confirmed meat eater. Bellisimo!

Car Review: Jaguar F-Type 3.0 litre V6S

Car Review: Jaguar F-Type 3.0 litre V6S

Jaguar’s current advertising campaign for the new coupe F-Type has the best of British film baddies, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong hanging out of helicopters and speeding through London in the dead of night accompanied by the tagline ‘It’s good to be bad’.

Food Review: Zumbura, Clapham

Old Town / New Delhi Someone famously said that the past is a foreign country and I feel the same way about South London….


Film Review: Cold in July

Cold in July (which is getting its UK release in June – pfft! Talk about lame!) is the new movie from Jim Mickle, a…


Win one of Two Rasperry Pi Computer Kits by Kano

Kano has been created for inquisitive young minds to find an exciting way into computers and computer programming. It’s mission is to be simple to use, look great, and most importantly engage and inspire creativity.

Car Review: Skoda Superb SE 2.0 TDI Outdoor Estate

Car Review: Skoda Superb SE 2.0 TDI Outdoor Estate

IF you want to get a grip without the pose-factor of a ‘Chelsea tractor’, there is a way. You don’t have to join the regular off-roader or SUV (sports utility vehicle) set – with all the rugged styling cues – to drive a sure-footed motor. For, four-wheel drive can be yours with certain estate cars that have enough ability in poor conditions without being kitted out like an entrant for the Dakar rally.

Top Apps for watching films

With online connectivity almost ubiquitous these days, and time for ourselves often limited due to a hectic day-to-day life, watching TV and movie content on the move is a great way to catch-up on your favourite flicks.

Film Review: Jersey Boys

When Eastwood signed up to direct Jersey Boys, he jettisoned the Logan draft and returned instead to the original book, as penned by Rick Elice and Woody Allen’s old writing partner, Marshall Brickman.

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars & The Importance of Family in Films

The highly anticipated The Fault in Our Stars based on the number-one best-selling book by John Green, is released in UK cinemas now! The film focuses on Hazel and Gus, two extraordinary teenagers who share an acerbic wit, a disdain for the conventional, and a love that sweeps them – and us – on an unforgettable journey.

Preparing for Rounders 2

Approaching the height of the summer season, we’ve already seen quality sequels (such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier), action films that were actually fairly original (like Edge Of Tomorrow), and even a couple of indie darlings (such as Chef).

The 5 Best Cars Made by BMW

The German automobile manufacturer BMW is renowned worldwide for producing cars which blend performance and luxury in an intoxicatingly desirable fashion. They’re responsible for design classics and racing pedigrees, as well as stylish executive cars and functional family motors. But of all the BMWs, which are the ultimate driving machines?