Sponsored Video: Tiger Beer presents #Uncage

Tiger Beer Uncaged

Tiger Beer are running a promotion at the moment to showcase individuals that have gone against the traditional expectations from society in Asia and live life on their own terms.

So in the videos on their website you can see Charlie Ruedpokanon (above), he left his everyday office job to become #uncaged as a professional stunt man. Another sees Joey Pang making a living as a Hong Kong Tattoo Artist taking her inspiration from New Zealand’s Maori’s.

Tiger Beer are looking for individuals to get involved too. Don’t worry, they’re not expecting you to start base-jumping or swimming with sharks, instead they want you to upload photos of yourself living the everday ‘#caged’, and an experience when you have been able to break free from normal conventions and ‘#uncage’ yourself into something unforgettable. You can also upload the photos via Twitter and share with the hashtags #caged and #uncage.

Caged Uncaged

Working on Flush the Fashion and Flush Magazine means I get to experience some cool stuff sometimes. Last week I was dressed as a Dutch Fisherman in Volendam, not long ago I was Mountain biking in Les Deux Alpes (see above), these are some of my moments of #uncage.

There is also a fantastic competition with four of the best submissions to win a Masterclass with talented film maker, Anthony Chen (last year he won the Cannes Camera D’Or for his debut film ‘Ilo Ilo’).

Tiger Beer Uncaged

You need to be over 18 to visit their site and enter the competition, for more info head to Tiger Uncage Or visit Tiger Beer on Facebook …. or use the Hashtag #uncage to share your pics.

This post is sponsored by Tiger Beer, but all thoughts are my own.