Top Apps for watching films

With online connectivity almost ubiquitous these days, and time for ourselves often limited due to a hectic day-to-day life, watching TV and movie content on the move is a great way to catch-up on your favourite flicks. Who would have thought that we can now stream the latest Hollywood blockbusters right in front of our eyes when on the train, tube or bus for the morning commute?

Of course, not only do you need a top quality smartphone or tablet to check out the cinema’s hottest movies on the go, you’ll also require some easy to use apps. So, pick up your Toshiba Excite Write, or any other tablet you might have, and get downloading these great little Apps.

Sky Go


For those fortunate enough to have a subscription to Sky digital TV at home, you can now take the content with you on the move.

In addition to catching up on some quality TV you might have missed during the week, you can also access a whole host of fantastic movies that are featured on Sky’s library of classics, blockbusters and kids films. Why not make the most of your Sky service and watch as many films as you want while making the long trip to work.

BBC iPlayer

bbc iplayer

The BBC is known for hosting some amazing films on its entire channel range. Now, you can take full advantage of BBC1, BBC2, BBC3 and BBC4 while sat on the train using the iPlayer.

Any of the films shown on any of these channels in the past week will be available to stream directly to your tablet, so it’s less likely you’ll miss something you really want to watch. Of course, it’s also perfect to check out the latest goings on in Albert Square, or to catch the latest news broadcasts.



Quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to watch movies at your leisure, Netflix has a whole host of sensational big screen favourites and TV shows to get engrossed in.

Not only does it have established classics and box-office smashes, it also offers some great original programmes exclusive only to its customers.

So be sure to catch up on House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, before people in the office start blurting out spoilers!

Movies by Flixster


Movie review and cinema finding site Flixster has now started offering full movie downloads and streaming content that you can channel directly to your tablet.

Now you can keep up with all the latest goings on in Tinsel Town while also checking out a couple of great films.You can also watch the hottest trailers of films that will soon be hitting a big screen near you.

Amazon Instant Video

amazon insatant

Addicted to Game of Thrones? Hooked on Suits? Completely blown away by Boardwalk Empire?

Don’t miss a second with Amazon Instant Video to get your TV fix on the go. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, take a browse through the huge library of excellent movies to make the long trip to work fly by.