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A wise old traveller once told me that the best way to get an upgrade on a flight was to travel alone, wear a suit, look normal and smile at check-in.

It seems like a lot of effort and has never worked for me, but recently I’ve found one airline who are offering a way to upgrade, add baggage and even pay for flights and it can be done by just buying things you probably need for your trip anyway.

Norwegian (the airline, not the country) are working with partners to enable their customers to collect ‘Cash Points’, usually a percentage of whatever you spend. EG park your car with APH at one of their own carparks at either Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham, Stansted, Luton and Edinburgh and earn 18% Cashpoints.

I’ve used them before at Heathrow and it’s so easy to just hand your keys over to them right outside the terminal and then when you land the car is outside by the time you’ve got through passport control. Much better than waiting for the shuttle bus to take you back to the car park and trying to remember where you parked.

Have a look at the video below it gives a good lowdown on the benefits.

I’ve actually yet to travel to Norway, but it has been on my to do list for ages, in fact so has the whole of Scandinavia – I’ve been doing some research in preperation….
Did you know that Norway invented Skiing?
Or that IKEA name all their wardrobes and hall furniture after places in Norway? Me either!

But it’s not just Norway, Norwegian fly all over the place from the UK in fact they fly to over 100 destinations from Gatwick alone (they also fly from Birmingham, Manchester Edinburgh and Belfast).

For more info on partner benefits and CashPoint earnings: http://bit.ly/2o3FVvX
This video is sponsored by Norwegian Reward but all thoughts are my own.

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