Solo female traveller? Don’t let your gender hold you back. 

It’s understandable, the idea of a woman travelling solo sounds dangerous and worrying. You might be wondering yourself how you’re going to keep safe and make sure you don’t run into trouble. But don’t worry, travelling as a solo female is totally achievable. And it’ll change you, for the better.

Looking for travel tips for your solo travel adventure? Read on for some advice from women who’ve been there and seen it all.

Women Traveller
Travelling alone 

Your travel insurance

So you’ve just landed, you step into the airport, you slip and break you ankle. Or it’s the first night and you take a bite out of something you shouldn’t, and you end up with gastric flu, three weeks into your journey and you get accidentally hit in the mouth, causing a dental emergency. The point is, a medical issue could arise at any point during your trip, which is why travellers – solo or otherwise invest in international medical insurance to ensure they’re covered for any and every possibility. It doesn’t even have to cost the earth, but you should take out a policy before you travel. 


Packing as lightly as possible is a must. You need to try and make your outfits last the length of your journey and be appropriate for your various destinations. Remember you won’t need bags of makeup or lotions and potions; your other female travellers won’t be covered in makeup! As far as feminine hygiene goes, don’t worry about tampons and pads – get yourself a menstrual cup. It works in the same way as a tampon, but you won’t need to worry about running out and finding somewhere that supplies your favourite brand. 

Stay safe

When it comes to things like your accommodation, keep your room number or it’s location private. Don’t feel obliged to divulge the information to anyone no matter how friendly they might be. Your room is your safe place and it should stay that way. 

Travelling alone as a female

Sexual Health

If you’re already on the pill, then obviously take it with you – just make sure you have enough to cover you while you’re away. If you’re unsure of what contraceptive you should take with you, then have a chat with your GP before you go. And as a precaution take condoms – better to be safe than sorry!


If you’re taking public transport, sit where there are other women, only take taxis that are registered and always sit behind the driver.

Be wary of drugs and alcohol. Of course you’re going to want to join in and let your hair down but be careful; you’re going to be much more vulnerable if you’ve drunk too much or taken something. If someone offers you a drink, then politely decline. And just as you would in any bar in any part of the world, never leave your drink unattended. 

Before you travel, make sure you have the number/address of the nearest British consulate. If anything does happen, then you’ll have somewhere to go and to speak with.