Expo Milano 2015: Feeding The Planet – Energy For Life – Part2

Aside from the food, one of the highlights in Milan is the myriad of architectural creations built to symbolise each countries vision for Expo 2015.

The UK Pavilion was designed by artist Wolfgang Buttress and inspired by the journey of a honey bee. First you are lead along a sunken path through a representation of a British orchard and wildflower meadow, the lower height allows the visitor a different perspective and immersive audio enhances the effect.

The journey ends in a 14 metre high metal structure that has been specially created to represent the beehive. If you visit the Expo 2015, it’s definitely worth a look. In addition to the sensory delights, they serve Pimms too!

The UK Pavilion is taking the ‘hive’ concept a step further and along with a series of events, the organisers will seek to encourage and stimulate businesses opportunities for British growers and producers across the world marketplace.

For more info on the UK Pavilion visit here

In addition to the 140+ pavilions representing the different countries at Expo Milan 2015 there are also five further distinct areas.

Pavillion Zero
Pavilion Zero serves as a good introduction to Expo Milan 2015, taking the viewer on a journey from the very beginnings of man-kind’s cultivation of the land and basic food production up to the sophisticated global industry of today.

Biodiversity Park
A space covering 8,500 square meters, the Biodiversity Park also includes a theatre and two Pavilions, one dedicated to Organic and Natural Products, the other housing the Biodiversity exhibition.


Children’s Park
The Children’s Park, as you may have guessed is an area for children to enjoy activities and educational games in a relaxing environment. Curated by Sabina Cantarelli, the concept ‘Ring around the planet, Ring around the future’ symobilises the hugging of the planet.

Future Food District
A place to discover potential applications of new technology along the food chain, the Future Food District is a micro universe in which the visitor is invited to explore different interactions between people and food.

Art and Food
Here you can discover the close relationship between food and art in its many forms. From creative mediums such as painting and sculpture, all the way through to advertising and cinema, delivered in an interactive, immersive experience.

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Where to Stay?

Milan is full of wonderful Hotels, if you are heading to Expo 2015, here are a couple of options from different ends of the spectrum.

Moxy Hotel, Malpensa Airport, Milan.
You might not have heard of the Moxy ‘brand’ yet, but over the next 10 years the Marriott owned Boutique chain plans to open 150 Hotels across Europe, including the UK. Moxy’s core ideals are simple, excellent value for money combined with good design, and modern facilities.

Moxy Milan hotel

Travelling on a budget doesn’t mean you have to lose out on what is important. Moxy have realised this and while space in the rooms is at a premium, everything you need is here. The beds are amazingly comfy, you don’t get a bath, but the bathroom has a luxury feel, modern and the shower is more than powerful enough to blast away any cobwebs from the night before.

As is becoming the norm these days, Wi-Fi is free with most rooms, but each room has it’s own router, so it’s mega (mega)-fast. There are no limits and if you want to, you can connect your smartphone to the big in-room TV. Great if you want to Skype or watch a movie from your phone.

You’re unlikely to stay here for more than one night, so the things that are sacrificed like a proper wardrobe and phone are things that quite honestly, you can live without. If you need to iron a shirt there is a very funky ironing room (see above).

Moxy Hotel Milano

There IS a 24hr bar (what’s not to love about that?) and lots of cosy public spaces downstairs to curl up on a sofa with your laptop or even go ‘old skool’ and read a book. Food-wise there are continental options and a selection of freshly cooked meals to choose from in the evenings and with this being Italy they’re a step up from your average ready meal.


Moxy oozes a sense of individuality and personality that feels natural and uncontrived. The young guy who made me a coffee confessed that he was given the job because of his artistic personality rather than any previous skills he had in the hospitality industry. I love the philosophy and for a Hotel next to an airport, Moxy has positivity flowing through it’s veins in abundance.

milano-moxy hotel

Prices from only €88.00 (plus local tax) including breakfast and wireless Internet
For more info visit

Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan
Part of the Dorchester Collection, the Hotel Principe di Savoia has been a popular home from home with travellers since the 1920’s, combining old world luxury with state-of-the-art technology. Its central location on Piazza della Repubblica in Milan is close to the world famous shopping and fashion districts including Via Montenapoleone, Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper and the spectacular Duomo.


Prices from €425 per night

For more info on the Expo Milan 2015 visit www.expo2015.org/en
OR download the free Apps – iOS Milan Expo App and Android

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